Colorful Long Skirt Crochet Pattern

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My needlework/Jubki"ptichki paradise" or that I knitting when I do not know what I want to tie, and my hands ask for work....
These skirts named one sweet girl. It was on a bright sunny day, our tails with a daughter of skirts fluttering at walking and fluttered at the slightest movement, we were on rest and the mood at all was remarkable-well than not paradise...

And contacted skirts I have quite by accident. I was thinking about what, what I want to associate with, and while I was going with my thoughts, took my hands to work-bandaged the rest of the thread in the stripes. That would not know, and did not think about the minute.

But my desire even the smallest specimens to form in any thing-the craft led to the creation of colored stripes skirts for the daughter, and then myself. Now I have already become interested in how it is possible to assemble-to connect strips between each other and that from it will turn out. Everything was connected easily, by a chain of contrasting thread. And the fact that strips of different width and length turned out to be a virtue, not a drawback of these skirts. Daughter tied herself Poom shirt, and the fact that the orange stripe only one in the skirt was an occasion to tie the orange. I wear my skirt with a blouse and a tunic.

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