Crochet Red Summer Dress Free Pattern

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Red Dress 
With Open Back 
Size: 38-40 
You will need: Yarn Selena (10096 measures- 
Serized Cotton, 180 m/50 g) — 350 g 
Color, Hook nq2, 5 and P, needle. 
Density of Knitting: 1 square motif = 
13 x 13 cm; "Fan"-5 "fan-glasses" x 
15 rows = 10x10 cm. 

Elements of the hem. Link more 
3 squares and connect them with three squares on 
Waist from the back. Over three squares 
Crochet ff2,5 Knit pattern "fan" 
To the armholes straight 19 cm. Then the edges of the 
Fill the height 
4 cm without having to be in each row for 2 "VE- 
The On the top edge of the bodice tie another 
Two square motives, connecting them between 
Battle and at the same time the top dense part 
The dress and the finished neck (see 
The Elements for this part of the dress are knit- 
Those smaller size, adjusting the quantity 
Series. Important: The middle of the neck must be 
The place where the squares are connected (for 
Symmetry). The backrest is symmetrically connected to the 
The two strips as follows: 2 art. c/N, 
1 AD. L., 3 art. It, 1 AD. P., 2 art. c/N. Knit 
Thus to the required length and 
Next to the adjacent strip 
Part of the neck (see pattern). 
Assembly: The ends of the elements ' threads using 
Needle Hide with the Side. All edges of the 
Tie the b/N columns, tying the 
"Pico" every 3 to 4 art. In the process of 
On one side of the neck, follow the 
The loop of the ad under the knitted button. Elm 
Button: Dial 6. P., lock in 
Ring. Tie 12 art. 6/N in the center of the ring. For 
So bring another 1 row of art. b,/n the center of the Col- 
On top of the previous row). Keep going 
Knit Tawm way up to reach the desired 
Volume of the button, do not trim the thread, and 
Stretch it through all the loops of the edge of the hook, 
Pull the hinges and fasten the thread. Sew the Pu- 
to the neck. 
Pattern :

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