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Hello dear friends and friends.
Unfortunately very little free time and almost do not add posts here, on the lira. But sometimes (spontaneously, as a rule) there is a desire to share, to show something new.
Today it is a small dress for a young and courageous lady "the Return of Illusions"

The dress is made of 100% cotton with the addition of silk and is a charming footman (thanks for the photo, Masha)
Ladies who are a little familiar with the fig technique see what is the peculiarity and difference of this thing about the usual fileyki.

Here it is, but a little bigger. So-the difference is that the empty cells are present only in the ornament, and the gaps (as opposed to the conventional technique densely filled, which allows in the heat to go without a porch.

That's very close and understandable. The way is rather laborious (especially against the background of the bullish opinion that the Fileynaya grid is generally easier to steamed turnip). I do not agree with this opinion, and if to take into account these presented photos, it is doubly.
But I love the Fileynoe lace and I hope it responds to me in reciprocity.
Sincerely, Tatiana. Exclusive for you.

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/talya_che/post376169162/

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