Decorate Band with Knitted Flower

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Difficulty: Low
Working time: 1 hour
Materials: Yarn Cotton 100%, hook, hair band, bead

To work will need the yarn of two colors, I have this cotton 100%, in 50 gr 150 m; Hair Band; Hook № 2.5; Needle, scissors, bead and good mood. :)

At the first stage we prepare the base on the elastic band, where we will embroider the flower.

We collect 8 air loops, lock in a circle.

1 row. We bring 3 lifting loops and 23 columns with a scale, lock a connecting loop.

2nd row. Knit 24 bars without a scale. When the first and thirteenth are picked up the gum, as shown in the photo. Cut the thread, hide the ends.

Now let's start knitting a flower.

Dial 120 air loops with a thread of the first color. This is the thread of the foundation of the flower and the thread of leaves.

1 row. * 1 column with a scale, 2 air loops, 1 column with a scale through two hinges of a base. Repeat from * to the end of the series. Note: The first column with the scale of this row is knit into the eighth hinge of the base.

We get this chain of cells:

2 row is knitted only on a small part of a chain: * To tie an arch from 2 air loops and to attach its connecting loop in the basis of the second column with a scale of the previous row, to connect 5 air loops and to attach them to the same column of the previous row, Tie the Arch of 2 air loops and attach them to the connecting loop at the base of the next column with the scale of the previous row. Repeat from *-6 times (finish by attaching five air loops). Turn.

3 row. In each arch from five air loops knit on 5 columns with a scale, 3 air loops and 5 more columns with a scale (we focus on a scheme and a photo).  We get 6 leaves.

A thread cut off with a big stock (on it will be collected a flower and to be made to a base on an elastic band).

We start knitting from the other end of our large chain of 120 loops with a thread of the second color-it will be petals. All petals are tied in one row-15 pieces of small and 13 pieces large. The last 13th petal should get close to the first leaf. If something is wrong, it does not matter, it is possible to add one petal or it is necessary to dispense twelve big. The main thing is that the leaves were six. So the flower looks better.

So, the thread of the second color from the other end of the chain: 3 aerial loops of lifting, 3 columns with a scale between two columns of the previous row, to tie three more air loops and to attach them in the second column of a basis. The first petal is ready.

The transition from a cell to a cell is done using a connecting loop as pictured above.

Repeat 14 more times. We got 15 small petals. Large petals are knitting in the same way, but they consist of four columns with two capes and four lifting and "trigger" loops.

This looks like a fully linked chain:

This is a scheme that can be approximate in the course of knitting.

Pour in the needle left the tip of the thread of the first color, collect the flower through the chain of air loops, bind, laying petals and leaves.

Sew through a few stitches, sew to the base of the gum.

In the center of the flower we attach beads. The gum is ready.

Such a flower can decorate a bag, brooch, bracelet, and many things.

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