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Knit these mats very easily, despite their rich and complex appearance! Found them on some foreign blog. At first I was delighted by their brightness and cheerful appearance.
All the same, in our Soviet homes carpets have always been gloomy, I do not even know why they - ugly people symbolized prosperity in the house, probably because of their price ...
But now it's not about them ... but about beautiful knitted rugs!

Carefully looking at photos of these funny rugs, I immediately realized how they knit. Once upon a time, about 15 years ago, I attended a crochet circle and here we knitted stitches. I must say that the same stitch still hung from my mom in the kitchen, she never used it, she says it's too beautiful to miss her hot:)

Well, here, we tied these potholes in the same way that these mats are knitting! Very simple! All you need to know is to knit the air loops, the columns with the crochet and ... everything! The basis of such a rug is knitted on the basis of loin knitting . You do not even need to make sure that the arches turn out to be neat, because you will then close these arches with chevrons from the crochets. How to do it look at this photo. The only thing that is worth noting that the density of your rug will depend on how many columns with a crochet you will link into each arche, ie. the more, the denser your mat will be. And yet, when you knit a grid-base, then it is not necessary to tie two air loops, you can and one

That's really, what to do is not difficult at all, so these are rugs from pompoms. In some models, you do not even need to knit anything. Do yourself balls, and put them in a mat.

Under the model of a rug with a lamb, you must first bind the lining in the form of this very lamb, and only then pom-poms on it. Likewise with the bear. I liked Teddy best of all. This can be related to the child. My baby likes to sit on the floor in the winter, and in the summer, so I think to connect him with this :).

how to make pom-poms on ordinary cardboardPompons themselves are made in the simplest way. Cut out of the cardboard two mugs, inside each cut holes in the form of small circles. And then take the yarn and wind on these same mugs. The main steps are shown in the figures.

 pom-pomBy the way, you can avoid fuss with cardboard and use a special device for pompoms. One of the options is shown in the photo. I myself have never resorted to these accessories, because many pompoms never had to be done, so, a couple of pieces for children's hats. But to make such a rug from pompons, I think you should get this accessory, because you'll have to do a lot of pompoms, and the cardboard will be constantly rattling and you will have to cut out new ones. It is not expensive. In the vicinity of 50-60 rubles

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