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Winter sometimes we especially lack warm colors. But there is always a way out! I propose to link here such a bright pot, which will decorate the kitchen interior and help create a good mood. |

For knitting of a stand it is possible to use rests of any yarn of identical thickness. And of course, you also need scissors and a matching yarn hook. For this product were used threads "children's Novelty (Pekhorka)"-100% Acrylic (200 m in 50 g), Hook № 3.

The scheme of the pot is quite simple and available for beginners.

Getting to work.

Purple yarn Dial 5 air loops, connecting them to the ring. and knit in it 6 groups of 3 columns with a scale, divided by air loop. At the end of the series, change the thread to green.

In the second row, each air loop is equipped with a fan, consisting of 6 columns with a scale, divided by an aerial loop. Air loops are also connected between the fans. Now attach the pink thread. In the third row in each air Loop fans knit the same fan, and in the interval between the fans of the previous series of the two columns of the scale. Do not forget to separate the elements with air loops.

The next row is knitted with blue yarn. And again-in a fan the fan, and in each column-on 2 columns with a scale. Now the fans are separated by 4 columns. Change the thread to lemon.

In the fifth row of fans are in the same way as in the previous series. And from 4 columns with a scale do 6, having put on 2 additional columns in extreme loops. We continue knitting in this way, changing the colors of the threads and increasing the cloth of the pot by doubling the extreme columns with the scale.

The tenth row is decorated with purple yarn. In one of the corners of the pot, form a buttonhole, tying 25-30 air loops and joining the thread in the same angle.

To finish work on a tack it is possible obvkoj on perimeter a small border in the form of fans. In the corners we touch 6 columns with a scale divided by 3 air loops. And on the sides of the stand we form fans of 4 columns divided by 1 loop.

Attach them through every 2 loops of the previous row, fixing the columns without a scale. We use orange yarn for this.

We also strengthen the petelku with columns without a scale. And our bright stand-tack is ready! Its center can be decorated with an orange ring.

and admire your work! The size of our stand is 22 cm. But it can be easily increased or reduced, respectively adding or decreasing the number of rows. If such a pot holder will perform not only decorative function, it is better to use cotton threads and make a double. If you use thick or tape yarn, this scheme can be performed a beautiful mat.

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