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I really hope that it will be clear. Do not judge strictly, I do the MK for the first time. These are the strings of me. 

Knit the bottom of the bag according to this scheme: 

Knit two identical parts. 

We cut an oval from plastic of the same size, in my case it is a thin part of a lining or something. 

We fold the two parts and tie Art. bn 

At the end of the strapping we put in a plastic oval and knit it to the end. Tie the next row with rychim step. 

Then from the penultimate row we raise the row of Art. bn Yes, hard to fit. 

Make five rows of art. bn 

Then we attach a white thread and knit three more rows. String beads in advance. I got 102. In each row- 17 

Now we knit 2st. with n. from one article bn previous row, two in. P.; two art. with n. in every article bn previous row. Between them are two items. previous row. In general, the photo shows:  

Knitting scales in the opposite direction. Make a coat and knit 6CT. with n. on one column of the previous row, insert a bead, knit another 6CT. with n. and attach the thread between the following two articles. with n. 

Then, in order for the scales to be staggered, you need to go to the next slingshot of two tablespoons. with n. For this you need to do three in. n. and attach between two Art. track. slingshots. And it will already be considered one of the six articles. with n. 

If you still do not understand a little how to knit scales, then there is another MK  So we knit 12 rows. Of these, 6 rows with scales. 

Then again we knit a few rows with a pink thread to the height you need, doing two or three additions in each row, starting with the third row (so that the bag narrows a little to the neck. But this is optional, you can not narrow it. 
Then we knit the handles We make 8 in. P., Above them 8 items B. n. And in a circle we knit about 40 cm - two handles. 

On the purse we attached a pink thread and tied 13 rows of items B. n; then we tie the handles to the 14th row . 

The last row of strapping rachim step. 

Now we associate the kitty in this scheme "mean kitty" and bow In e sew, embroider kitty mustache all.

But if you are confused by the openwork pattern of scales, then you can sew the lining, sewed on the eye, trying on the purse:

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