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You will need: 
Novita Miami yarn (50% cotton, 50% acrylic, 145 m / 50 g) 
-150 g beige color (602), 
knitting needles No. 3.5-3 and No. 3.5-4 . 
hook number 33. 

Openwork pattern: knit according to the instructions. 

The front surface: with a circle of knitting - only persons. loops 

Knitting density: 1 rapport openwork pattern = 5.5 cm. 

For thinner needles, type 72 p. evenly distribute the loops into 4 needles 
(= 18 p.). Turn the work (now work on the face. Side) and continue to knit 
in a circle with an openwork pattern, starting with the 1st row and repeating the 18 p. Rapport 4 times. 
Knit the 1-10th rows of the scheme.
At the same time, in the 9th row, evenly reduce 24 p, and in the 10th row - another 8 p. 

On the needles there should be 40 p, “10 p, on each spoke. Change the knitting needles 
larger and continue to knit with an openwork pattern starting from the 11th row of the scheme and repeating the 
report 5 times. Tie the 11-38th rows of the scheme, while in the 17th and 18th rows, perform the 
lowered nakida (= perform two nakida on the needle instead of one, in the next row 
one nakid lower, second knit on the picture) Then repeat 11 -38- the second rows 
once more, performing lowered nakida in the 12th, 13th and 14th rows. 

Before performing the 23rd row, change the spokes to thinner ones. Repeat 11-38th happy
third time. Evenly loops on knitting needles so that each spoke has been 
no 10 n Continue openwork knit pattern starting from the 39th row circuit vyvyazyvaya. 
Opening for the heel as follows: the 1st spoke knit rapport A, at 2 minutes and 
3- needles - rapport V. 10 p. 4th needles close for the heel (rapport C). Then knit the 
40th row of the scheme as follows: close the 10 p. Of the 1st knitting needle for the heel, knit the loops 
of the 2nd and 3rd slice according to the drawing, then dial the 10 p. Of the 4th knitting needle (rapport C). 
Then knit the 41st row as follows: at the beginning of the row, on the 1st knitting needle, type the new 
10 items (rapport A), knit the loops of the 2nd and 3rd knitting needles according to the pattern (rapport B). Loops 4th knitting needles
knit on the picture (rapport C). Continue to knit in a circle on the scheme from the 42nd to the 66th row. 
Then loop through 1 row of faces, close all the loops as faces. Do not cut the thread, 
tie this thread to the bottom edge of the gaiter with a hook as follows: 1 st b / n in the 1st loop of the 
previous row. 3 p. * Skip 2 loops of the previous row. knit 1 st b / and in the 
next loop, type 3 air f. * repeat * - * close the row of the conn. column 
in the 1st st b.n- Similarly, tie a heel. Tie the second gaiter similarly. 

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