White Crochet Dress Pattern

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Rear and front: the rear and front bodies are woven in the same way.

Skirt: The braid begins at the skirt. 109 chains are drawn and returned. On both sides, 8 pieces of balustrades, the remaining Part 1 No. Diagram 1. and 2. The rows are repeated and 48 cm. No. 1 from the next ordinary. The diagram 5.... 10 rows are woven and the skirt is finished. Over the order of the finished row, 5 chains are drawn between them 1 row of lattice netting, the next row of the Zinci between the cages 3. In the same place, when two balustrades is taken, two chains are drawn between them and the back upper body begins.
No. 1. Diagram 8. and 9. The sequences are repeated by 11 cm and the next ordinary starts at 1. No. Diagram 2 sequence 6. Sequence, 5 rank 3. Sequence, 1 row 6. Rank 3, 8. The order of the upper body is finished. When these operations are performed at the same time, the body length (upper body) is 14 cm for the arm house on both sides, in each order 5 times 1 balustrades is added. After the arm house 13 cm, 1 row of Trabzan, 6 rows of frequent needles are done and finished.

Arms: 73 pieces chain is drawn, returned to 5. From the chain 2. No diagram 1...... 19 sequences are applied. Starting from the next ordinary 2 No. As shown in the diagram, 3 cm frequent needles are woven and finished. 2 cm frequent needles are woven into the sleeve.

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