Knitted Dolphin Free Pattern

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You will need:

-Yarn (50% cotton, 50% Polyacryl; 115 m/50 g)-150 g blue, 50 g white, a little gray-blue;

-Spokes № 4.5;

-Synthetic cotton wool as a volumetric filler.

Technique: facial surface; Facial Rows – facial loops, purls rows – purls loops.

Knitting pattern Toy

Colored areas: knit on the scheme a facial smoothness from individual balls. That at change of colour there were no apertures, threads on the reverse side of a part crossed. The diagram shows the left half of the main part, on the diagram B-the outer half of the left fin. The diagrams are all series and loops.

The lines are embroidered at the end of the work with a grey-blue thread of a stalk, an eye – a grey-blue thread with separate stitches. White sections to sew on a contour a grey-blue thread a stalk seam.

The density of knitting: 18 p. x 26 P. = 10 x 10 cm.

Toy Dolphin-Knitting needles

The left half of the basic part: to dial a blue Thread 5 p. and to knit on a scheme A, thus all additions and Ubavki to execute, as it is shown in the diagram. Right half of the main part: knit symmetrically to the left half. Left FIN, outer part: Dial the Blue Thread 5 p. and knit according to the scheme B, with all the additions and Ubavki perform as shown in the diagram. Inner detail: knit symmetrical outer detail.

Right fin: Knit is similar to the left side.

Assembly: embroider details. The halves of the main part are sewn, leaving a small hole. The body is filled with cotton wool, hole to sew. Sew the details of the fins, leaving the patterned edges open. The fins fill with cotton wool and sew to the main part as pictured.

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