Wonderful Knitting Toy Idea

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Each of us had toys in our childhood ... In our generation - they were dolls, terrible, plastic ... Some antediluvian bears ... Our children already had more beautiful toys: dolls, dolls, furniture ...
And already there were soft toys, more acceptable for games. Now the children do not suffer in this respect. In the shops - a sea of ​​toys!
But those toys that the Master does with which I want to introduce you - they are kind, so soft and warm, .. because they are knitted ...
Her toys do not just decorate the house. From them emanates ... positive. 
I am very glad that I discovered Svetlana Zabelina - Master with a capital letter, which pleases children and adults with such a miracle!

Spokes and hook Svetlana picked up in early childhood and still does not part with them. Her first models were dolls - sewed and knitted them various outfits. Later, in her school years, she was pleased to wear her own writing and making clothes. 

Close, seeing her passion for needlework, advised to choose the profession of designer, fashion designer ..., but everything turned out differently - Svetlana worked for many years in the financial sphere. Profession and hobby successfully complemented each other: at work - dry figures, instructions, regulations, and at home - a tangle of yarn, knitting needles and a flight of fantasy. 

After she was fortunate enough to become a mother twice, she was carried away by a knitted toy. Several years ago, I decided to take a bold step for myself - I changed successful long-term service in the bank to a "career" of a housewife.

Svetlana Zabelina is my countrywoman. She lives in Anapa, and as she herself says: "I live in harmony with myself and my relatives in a cozy city on the Black Sea coast, do my favorite thing and feel myself a happy person" .... 
Successes in her beloved affair for the joy of children

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