Crochet Easter Amigurumi Chick

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I've played this kind of gaming positive cockerel, wings rustle and rustle, it's thundering, it's possible to chew and it will perfectly suit as a gift to the children for Easter. And since I filmed the process, it turned out a small MK - I share.

we will need this plastic egg:

With a hot thick needle I pierced the six holes at the top of the egg. Then she tied three chains of air loops and put them into each of the wooden beads. I fixed them on the egg by tying the knots. It's not so convenient to tie inside, but tolerant. Three knots tying, pulling-checked for strength. I poured some beads for the screen and closed the egg. 

Then I tie a container. This egg I knitted from YarnArt Jeans yarn. I really like this yarn, knit easily and quickly!

After tying the "carcass", I knit a long chain of air loops and thrust into the "carcass" - these will be the legs (I leave the threads at the beginning and at the end of the chain more thoroughly, with their help I'll tie knots). And I pass the beads, then tie it to a few knots, so that the bead would hold firmly.

Then I make wings of cloth. I cut out 4 identical parts. I sew together, I turn, iron. Since I decided to add a cockerel more interesting, then in one wing I put a little rustling package, and in the second bells and also a little package.

Needles I pin and try on the wings and sew secret stitches at once both sides to the "carcase".

Then from felt or fleece (from my fleece) I cut out a diamond and sew in the middle with a seam "back needle" - it's a beak.  

Then I sew eyes - buttons. I cut a lot of strips of yarn and make a tail: I fold the strip in half, thrust into the product with the help of a hook and tie a knot. In the photo, my hand, for dimensionality:

The cockerel turns out to be so zhirnenkim, shaken, all such a feeler-pokryzapatelny, rustling and rattling! )) I'm sure kids will like it! To all pleasant creativity!  

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