Childrens overalls Penguin

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Look, what a wonderful knitted overalls for a new baby! The author of this jumpsuit, connected with pins, Maria (Maria Green Eyes & company). 

The Penguin combination suit is suitable for babies from 3 to 6 months old. 

Overalls tied raglan. 

In finished form, the length of the knitted overalls is 51-53 cm (from bottom to the edge of the pants), sleeve length - 25 cm. 

For knitting overalls we will need: 

Svetlana or Natasha yarn (250 m in 100 g) of 
yellow color - 100 g of 
white color - 100 g in 
black color - 200 g 
spokes circular No. 5 
hook No. 3 
tips for cord (2 pieces) 
cord styustyl (1 m)
zipper (length 35 cm) 

When knitting a overalls, we use the 

front smooth surface; the 
front rows are knitted with front loops, the 
back side rows are knitted with side loops. 
1 x 1 
and front rowing knit weave a 
double hollow elastic band with front loops ; 
1 row - * 1 persons. p., 1 net remove, thread in front of work, 1 person. p., 1 loop to remove, thread before work *. 

2 row and all subsequent ones - removing the loop in the previous row to knit the front loop, and remove the loop tied in the previous row without tying, thread the work before. 

Combizone knit top down. 
Dial on the black yarn needles 62 loops. Looped with a set of loops with open-loop stitches. 
Distribution loop:

10 loops (1/2 of the front) +2 loops (raglan line) + 8 loops (ruĸav) + 2 loops (raglan line) + 18 loop (spinĸa) + 2 loops (reglan line) + 8 loops (sleeves) + 2 petts (the line is regular) + 10 loops (1/2 pereda) = 62 petly. 

We knit two loops of a harrow with a knot: we knit the front rows with the wrong loops, and fasten the inside rows with the face loops. 

Expansion of the product along the line of the reglan is due to the addition of loops in each face row at the expense of nakidov. We do naquids before and after the raglan line (the reglan's line consists of 2 loops: we make a nakid, we knit 2 loops of the raglan line, we make a nakid). Completely add 8 loops in each front row. 

From the side of the nakida we knit a transverse gusset so that there is no hole. 

1st row - knit black yarn

2nd order - knit with black yarn 

3rd row - add a white thread. To do this, all the shelves of the shelves are in front of and one loop of the raglan line with each side before we knit with a white thread, the second loop of the raglan line, ruvava and back we knit with a black thread. The additions from the front are made with a white thread, from the side of the bands - with a black thread. With this pattern we continue to knit until reaching the length of the reglan line of 7 cm. 

It is important! 

The combination of knitting of two colors - threads of two colors intersecting each other, so that there is no hole. 

Further white knit knit only the width of the front, which is reached. With this, all the following additions on the side of the thread, run with a black thread. ‍ ‍‌   

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