Knitting Baby Vest Free Pattern

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Really enjoyed knitting vest 
The first-"chamomile for Sasha" liked my acquaintances (and strangers) beginner needle.
So when I started to knit one more blouse, I decided to take a picture of the knitting process.
The scheme, of course, is (of Ineta), but not for all it is clear.

Yarn: Semenov "Vjebi". Viscose 100%, 146 m in 100 Gr. 100 Gr. Pink, 100 Gr. Lilac.

Size 74 (for 9 months)

So, we started...

1 row: We recruit 10 air loops.

Air Petlli for lifting, 2 columns with Crochets, * 3 in P, 3 St bn... Should get a hexagon

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/los-ku-tik/post276247692/

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