Knitting Cardigan for Baby

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Knitting Cardigan for Baby :

Jeans yarn from YarnArt (55% cotton 45% Polyacryl, 160 M-50 gr), hosiery spokes № 2.5.
I will knit on a soft-stuffed doll with a height of 33 cm.

We type on spokes 46 loops (44 loops basic + 2 kromovyi. I always knit the same way: the first take off not Projazazya, the last Projazit reverse).
Knit 3 rows of Platelkoj (all rows are in front).

4 series-Distribute loops:

1 + 4-it is 1kromoplny + 4 loops of a lath, a lath and in obverse and in purl numbers to the end of knitting is knitted by a platelkoj, that is obverse);
3-Loop Shelves
2-Reglannye lines, on them we shall add: in obverse numbers on both parties from them make scum.
6-Shoulder loops
10-Loop Backrest

That is, the 4th row looks like this:
Cutting, 7 faces, scum, 2 persons, scum, 6 persons, scum, 2 persons, scum, 10 persons, scum, 2 persons, scum, 6 persons, scum, 2 persons, scum, 3 persons, on a lath we form a buttonhole: Obverse, 2 loops to close, Kromodelka.
5 row: Crown, 1 persons, Dial 2 loops, 1 obverse, 44, 4 faces, crown.
6 row: cromoid, 8 persons, scum, 2 persons, scum, 8 persons, scum, 2 persons, scum, 12 persons, scum, 2 persons, scum, 8 persons, scum, 2 persons, scum, 8 persons, Kromoj.
7 row: Crown, 4 persons, 52, 4 persons, Kromoizh.
So it turns out

We continue in the same spirit, until the length of sufficient will not be, that is, to the puppet armpit, I got 29 rows (7 cm).
Do not forget to make loops on the right shelf through every 12 rows, as in the 4-5 series. (i.e. loops I have in 4-5, 16-17, 28-29, 40-41 ranks)

In the 30th row of the shelves with the backrest, the last time making a raise, the loops of the sleeves are put on pins.

31R-The loop.
Then knit without increments, facial smoothness to the waist of the doll. Since my armpit doll is just around the waist, I immediately start to knit the belt:
33, 34 p-persons.
35, 36 p-Izn.
37, 38 P-persons

39 P-Start knitting pattern hem:
1 + 4 loop straps, 3 faces, * 4 izn, 2 faces * (* repeat 11 times *), 4 Izn, 3 persons, 4 + 1 p. trims.
40R: Plank, 3, * 2 L, scale, 2 L, 2 H *-12 times, 1 izn, Plank. The scheme, probably, will be more obvious:

Purls rows knit on the figure-above facial-facial, over purl-purls.
After the end of the pattern knitting 6 rows of a binding, loops close.

Loops of sleeves with pins transfer on 4 spokes and knitting sleeves vkrugovuyu a face smooth, for narrowing of a sleeve we do on 2 Ubavki in 3, 6, 9-th rows. To do this, we put together 1 and 2 loops in a row, and the penultimate with the last.

8, 10 row knit purl loops; In the 12 row of the loop close the purl. The second sleeve is knitting the same way.
If we want a long sleeve, we do less than 3 rows, and approximately in 6-8. And it is possible and not to do at all, then the sleeve will be not narrowing, and direct.

Hide the ends of threads, sewing buttons, decorate at will-florets, ribbons, beads, applique-as a fantasy tells. and dress up the doll.

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