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A stylish plaid should harmoniously fit into the interior of the children's room and decorate the sleeping corner. The second function of a baby blanket is a blanket for a baby in a crib or in a stroller while walking on the street, Children's plaid can be tied for a child of any gender. Pink, green, yellow shades of the product will choose the mother of a tiny princess. The little prince is more suitable for lilac, blue, azure colors of the thread.

When picking up a thread for a knitted plaid, also pay attention to the composition of the material from which it is made. The newborn baby will be comfortable under a natural cotton blanket that passes air, but at the same time warms the tender body of crumbs.

The number of threads must be calculated from the expected size of the knitted product. For example, a product measuring 200 * 120 cm will require about 800 grams of yarn No. 40. If the mother took the knitting not for the first time, then, for sure, in her box for needlework there are several multi-colored skeins that can also be used when knitting a blanket for a newborn baby.

To perform delicate floral motifs covered we will crochet No. 1,25.

I suggest mothers-needlewomen the easiest way to tie a baby blanket to a crochet.

Our plaid will consist of many small flowers of the same size, but different colors. Depending on the chosen size of the product, it will be necessary to first connect a few dozen identical flowers in the diameter of five different shades. Then, we will connect all the small details with a white thread, collecting floral motifs into a single whole canvas cloth.

Each flower begins to perform with a set of 6 air loops, which are closed by means of a connecting column. In the center of the resulting circle we will fasten 5 elements, consisting of 3 columns with a crochet. Next, we knit by the scheme, until you get a ready-made flower. At the end of one such element, the edge of the flower should be tied with columns without a crochet. The approximate size of one such flower is about 3 cm in diameter.

Now it remains to connect the flowers, alternating different shades.

Beautiful finery bedspread for the baby is ready!

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