Knitting Three Coloured Slippers

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You will need for Coloured Slipper:

200 g red, 80 g yellow and blue-green acrylic yarn medium thickness;

Spokes № 4; Four buttons. Platelka Mating: persons. and N. P. – Persons. P.

Density of Knitting

Description of work: For one square to dial 17 p. and to tie 9 SM to a Platelka; Close all loops. Link only 8 red squares, 2 yellow square and 2 blue-green squares. 

For squares in a strip to dial a red thread 17 p. and to knit alternately 2 p. A red thread, 2 p. A yellow thread and 2 p. A blue-green thread, through 9 sm from inlaid edge to close all loops. 

Assembly: Position the squares as shown in the diagram and sew them by connecting the letters of the same name. To the red squares of the golenseta, folded twice, sew buttons.

Source : Вязание Приложение к журналу №11/2015

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