How to knit sweater step by step

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connect the front / back, and decided to show a way to knit the shoulder seam with a flat pigtail. This method is performed on three knitting needles, but differs from the classical method in that the seam is flat☝️, and not convex. The essence of the method ➡️ with the third knitting needles is to close the loops of the front knitting needles with the usual broach, but before knitting the loops from the front knitting needles, you need to remove the loop from the rear knitting needles. Now in detail: Fold the front and back of the wrong sides to each other, the tips of the spokes on the side of the armhole. Knitting needle 1 - closest to yourself in your left hand. Knitting needle 2 - farthest from you in your left hand. Knitting needle 3 - working needle in the right hand. 1. In the left hand, knitting needles 1 and 2, the working thread between them, in the right hand is knitting needle 3. 2. With knitting needle 3, remove the loop from the knitting needle 2 - insert the knitting needle 3 from the front of the part so that the loop is not twisted, and retake. 3. With knitting needle 3, knit the first loop from knitting needle 1 with the front loop - on knitting needle 3 two loops. 4. Pull the knitted loop through the loop taken from knitting needle 2. 5. On the right knitting needle there is already 1 loop, remove the second loop from knitting needle 2 as well, 6. Knit the knitting loop from knitting needle 3 of the knitting needle - three loops on knitting needle 3. 7. Pull the knitted loop through the two available loops on the spoke 3. Then repeat steps 5,6,7 to the end. It’s harder to describe than to do it. Watch the video, everything is simple. As a working knitting needle with the 3-spoke method, I use a bamboo toe knitting needle, it’s short and not slippery - it’s easier for her to work, try If it’s more convenient for you to hook the stitches, then this method also You can use the hook instead of the working knitting needle (I checked). Source : https://www.instagram.com/p/B9TNoQqATf-/

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