How to Knit Raglan Neck

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A good method, especially because of the lack of seams. How to knit a reglan from the neck and what are the advantages of such knitting with a detailed description of the process!

Knitting from the neck has a number of advantages:

No seams, which is especially important when knitting things for toddlers,
No need to waste time stitching parts,
The length of the product is easy to change
A small amount of thread ends, which can be useful when the product is being dissolved.

Of the disadvantages of this method should be noted a large number of loops in the work and limited in the selection of patterns (not all patterns can be knit in a circle).

For the knitting of a reglan from the neck usually use circular spokes.

Before you start knitting, you need to make a calculation. Knit control pattern. We calculate the density of knitting. Measuring the circumference of the neck. Take the density of knitting 2.2 loops in 1 cm. For the 48 female size, the neck circumference 36 cm. Thus, the number of hinges for work-3.6 cm x 2.2 p. = 79 loops.

Divide this number of loops into 3 parts-79 p.: 3 = 26 P. + 1 remainder. The resulting residue is added to the front loops: i.e. 26 loops on the back and sleeves and 27 loops on the front. From loops of sleeves subtract loops for lines of a Reglan (on 2 loops on each line)-26 p.-8 p. = 18 loops and divide them on two-18 p.: 2 = 9 loops for each sleeve. If at division the balance is formed, we also add it to loops of front.
In the end it turned out: 26 loops of a backrest, on 9 loops of a sleeve, 27 loops before and on 2 loops four reglannye lines. For convenience, we apply these calculations to the scheme:

Reassociating a Reglan.
At vyvyazivanii Reglan It is necessary to consider that the neckline of a back neck is higher than a cut of a neck of a front. Therefore we collect loops for the beginning of knitting as follows: 1 loop of a front, 2 loops of a Reglan, 9 loops of a sleeve, 2 loops of a Reglan, 26 loops of a backrest, 2 loops of a Reglan, 9 loops of an sleeves, 2 loops of a Reglan, 1 loop of a front.

The lines of the Reglane should be noted with contrasting threads or marking rings. Knit straight rows, adding a few loops through a series of the cutout front (the number of added loops will depend on the depth of cut). At the same time we make additions to the lines of the Reglan through a series. So knit until we get the right number of loops-27 loops + 1 loop for symmetry. Then we combine knitting in a circle and knitting, adding loops on lines of a Reglan. The length of the reglane lines should be 30-32 cm for the 48 size.

In order not to be mistaken, try on: The lines of the reglane of the backrest and front should converge. On additional spokes or on auxiliary threads we remove loops of sleeves, thus loops of the reglannyh lines distribute evenly between all details. We unite loops of a front and a backrest and knitting to a certain length in a circle (loops no longer add!)
The sleeves can be knit straight rows, and if you want the sleeves to be without seams, it is better to knit them on the stocking needles. Do not forget about the Bevi sleeves, do the decrease in each sixth row. When the sleeves are ready, will remain to tie the neck.

If in front it is necessary to execute a clasp, the loops of the front divide in half and add to them loops of a lath.

How can I get a reglane line? The simplest lines of the Reglan consist of 1-2 facial or purl loops. The additions are made with the help of a scale. If the scum is a simple loop, holes are formed along the line of the Reglane. If you want to have no holes, you need to tie the yarn crossed loop.

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