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In the 90s she sewed a shirt from linen cloth, in which coquette, cuffs and a collar tied from thin threads in the technique of loin knitting. The pattern of the details was made up and calculated by the patterns, which she took in the magazine "Burda" (either in No. 5 for 1992 or in No. 7 for 1993). Now these magazines I do not have, but they can be "downloaded" on the Internet. Knitted from white threads "Snowflake", and then, already connected details painted in the same color as flax, with the help of "Fantasy" (there used to be such a tool for tinting linen in pastel colors - pink, yellow, blue) and more brewing. Now everything is much simpler and you can pick up thin strings in color. So, for example, you can use the threads of Turkey production in coats of 20 grams (100% cotton, 20 g / 200 m).

Wore it with trousers. Recently, she tied a sarafan similar in color to a shirt and a belt of rings of different diameters, tried on and decided that now, too, one can also vilify her old little thing ... 

Photo of the coquette

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