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Knit a box-hare. 
Required materials: threads of the desired color (in my case, blue, white, pink, slightly red), a plastic container (in such hospital shoes are sold), a pink bead, a beautiful button, ready-made eyes, a hook number 1.5. 

Key symbols: 
sn - air loop, 
sc - column without sc, 
ss - column with sc, 
increase - from one loop of the previous row provyazyvaem 2 columns, 
ubavka - 2 of the previous row loop provyazyvaem together 
Knit head and torso (columns without sc) 
1 series : 6 sbn knit in a ringlet, a ringlet tighten 

2 row: 6 increments
3 row: (1 sbn, increase) - repeat 6 times 
4 row: (2 sbn, increase) - repeat 6 times 
5 row: (3 sbn, increase) - repeat 6 times 
6 - 12 rows: 36 sbn 
As you knit, try on the resulting cap on a smaller part of the plastic container. If your threads are thicker or thinner than mine, change the number of loops and rows up or down. 

The cap should completely cover the lid of the 

13th row: (increase, 4 sbn) - repeat 6 times. 

In the same way, tie the bottom of the container: 
1 row: 6 sbn knit in the ringlet, tighten the ring 
2 row: 6 gains 
3 row: (1 sbn, boost) - 6 times 
4th row: (2 sbn, increase) - 6 times 
5th row: (3 sbn, increase) - 6 times
6-15 rows: 36 sbn 
16 row: (increase, 4 sbn) - 6 times We connect the 
upper and lower parts 

We knit the muzzle 
White thread, knit without crochet 2 parts according to the following description 
1 row: 6 knit in a ring, we tighten the ring 
2 number 6 increases of 
3-5 rows 12 sc 
fills synthetic padding 
6 number 6 ubavok 

sew an eyelet (a chain of stitches), a button, a muzzle, a bead-spout: muzzle must hang from the top of 

Knit ears 
Pink thread 12 knit stitches . Starting from the 2nd from the hook of the loop, we knit: 2 non-nakida columns, 2 double crochets, 3 double crochets, 2 double crochets, 2 non-crocheted bars, fasten the thread.
So it is necessary to link two parts: 

Blue thread knit the same item, connect with pink part and tied around the columns without nakida: 

Analogously knit second ear: 

Knit paws: 
front (2 parts): 
1 row 6 sc provyazyvaem in a ring, the ring tighten 
2 row: 6 gains 
3-9 rows: 12 sbn 
we fill in with a synthetic pad not very tight 
10 row: 6 slack-off 
Rear (2 parts): 
1 row: 6 sbn knit in a ringlet, tighten the ring 
2 row: 6 gains 
3-5 rows: 12 sbn 
we fill with a synthetic winterizer not very tight 
6 row: 6 lower 

We sew our ears and feet, glue our eyes. 
Bunny ready !!

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