Amigurumi Owls Free Pattern

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Sizes of large (small) owls without legs and ears: About 37 (27) cm in height 

You will need: yarn (100% Polyacryl; 145 m/50 g)-About 350 g blue (= a), 250 g green (= B), 150 light green (= c) and red (= e), 100 g pink (= D), 50 g fuchsia (= F), Gray (= G), blue (= N) and white (= I); Hook № 4 and 5.5; Cotton wool for filling and stiroporovyj granulate; 7 green buttons; For each pillow flap white cotton fabric size about 40 x 110 cm. 

Important! For the Big pillow "owl" constantly to crochet № 5.5 in 2 threads, for a small pillow «Owl» Constantly to knit a hook № 4 and in 1 thread. 

Knitting technique (General instructions): Knit on Shemama and according to instructions in rows in forward and reverse directions or circular rows of art. b/N. At the beginning of each p./Circle. P. Additional Knit 1. N. Unless otherwise stated, in each art. b/n perform 1 art. b/N. When knitting rows in the forward and reverse directions on the counting scheme art. b/N 1st p. Knit in a chain of the P., with the 1st art. b/N to tie in the 2nd. P. On the hook. For decreases 1 p. Tie together on 2 art. b/N. (= for each St. b/N to draw out the loop, then with the help of 1 scale to stick together all the loops on the hook). To decreases 2 or more loops at the beginning of the series, skip the corresponding number of loops with the help of a nozzle. At the end of the series the corresponding number of loops to leave unmade. Color plots to perform according to diagrams 1 and 2. Each colored area is knit from a separate ball, the last loop of the color in work always tie the thread of a new color. Inside the colored section I unused thread to hold on the reverse side of the work freely or knit over it. When knitting circular rows each circular row finish using 1 nozzle. Art. In the 1st art. b/N. Increases distribute evenly across the circular range, places increments alternate with places increments in the next round. Ranks. 

Density of knitting, art. b/N: 15 (22) p. Width and 15 (22) p. in height = 10 x 10 cm. 

Job description 

The front side of the owl: Perform the initial chain of 26. N. Threads A (e) and knit according to the scheme of 1 rows in the forward and reverse directions of art. b/n = 25 art. b/N. In a width to link 1 time the given rapport, thus to carry out additions and Ubavki as it is specified. On the widest part = 49, 1 time to execute 1-81st p. 

Right rear side: Run threads A (e) The initial chain of 16. N. and knit according to the description for the front side = 15 p., but according to the scheme 2. For the button holes, each of the orange framed art. b/N to be replaced by 1 AD. and into these P. in the trail. Row again in 1 art. b/N. 

The left rear side: Knit the same as the right back side, but in the mirror display and without the holes under the buttons.

Right wing, inner side: for small and medium feather start from arrow A or B, execute the initial chain of 3. P. Thread C (b), then knit according to the scheme 1 rows in the forward and reverse directions. 1 – 6th R. or 1 – 10th P. Execute 1 time. Cut the thread. For a large pen start from the arrow with and knit similarly, but 1 – 14th p. Execute once and from 15th p. Knit on all 3 feathers together. 15 – 34th P. Execute 1 time, thus for a hole under a button in 31-th and 32-m p. Work to divide (see also a symbol of a loop) and to knit each part separately. In 33 and 34-m again knit on all loops. After 34, the thread is trimmed. 

Right wing, outer side: knit as the inner side, but after the 34-th p. Thread is not cut, but to fold the outer and inner sides of the purl sides and both details in the 35 circle. P. to tie together. 

Left wing: Run inside and outside the same way as for the right wing, but in mirror display. 

Ear (2 parts): Thread B (a) Fold the ring, knit in a ring of art. b/N as follows: 
1st round. P.: 6 art. b/N. 
2 – 7, 9, 11, 14 and 17-th circle. P.: Add 4 art. b/n = 46 art. b/N. 
All other circles. P. Knit without increments. 
18th and 19th round. P.: Art. b/N. thread to trim. 

Beak: Thread E (F) fold ring, knit art. b/N as follows: 
1st round. P.: 6 art. b/N. 
2nd-8th round. P.: Add 2 art. b/n = 20 art. b/N. 
Then knit in rows in forward and reverse directions as follows: 
9th p.: 1 AD P., 1 art. b/N in 2nd art. b/N of the previous round. P., 1 art. b/N in the next 14 art. b/N, 2 art. b/N Bring together = 16 art. b/N. 
10th – 15th P.: On both sides reduce by 1 art. b/n = 4 art. b/N. thread to trim. 

Eyes (2 parts): Thread I fold ring, knit art. b/n ring as follows: 
1st round. P.: 8 art. b/N. 
2 – 4th round. P.: Threads E (F) knit art. b/N, at the same time in the 2nd round. P. Add 8 art. b/N, in the 3rd circle. P. – 4 art. b/N and 4th round. P. – 5 art. b/n = 25 art. b/N. 
5 – 7th round. P.: Thread D Add to 5 art. b/n = 40 art. b/N. 
8th round. P.: Threads C (n) Knit 4. P. Rise instead of the 1st art. with 2/n, in each art. b/N. Knit 1 art. with 2/n, thus, evenly distributing, Projazit 16 times on 2 art. with 2/n on one hinge of the base = 56 art. from 2/n. Circle. P. finish using 1 nozzle. Art. In the upper loop of the 1st century. with 2/N. Thread trim. 

Paw (2 parts): For the finger to fold the thread G ring, knit circular rows of art. b/N as follows: 
1st round. P.: 6 art. b/N. 
2nd round. P.: Add 2 art. b/n = 8 art. b/N. 
3-10-th circle. P.: Art. b/N. Total tie 3 fingers. Fingers fill tightly with filler. Then fold the art. b/N 10th circle. P. All 3 fingers butt and knit together according to the scheme 2 rows in the forward and reverse directions of art. b/N, while doing the Ubavki as shown. 
11th-14th p.: Link once. Cut the thread. 

Assembly: First the right part of the backrest, then the left side of the backrest folded with the front sides, combining the lateral, upper and lower edges. Before and back sew on a contour, thus from below according to a photo to enclose paws. Beak fill with cotton wool. Sew the beak and eyes. The ears are folded in pairs and sewn to the upper edge of the head (= pillows). For wings about at height of a beak to sew on a button on lateral seams. Fasten the wings. The other buttons sew the hinges on the left side of the backrest respectively. 

Pillows from a fabric: to carve out from a fabric according to height of each connected owl on 2 rectangular details, having added on 1 sm for Pripuskov on seams. The details are folded by the sides and the perimeter, leaving the open area in one of the seams. Turn out the detail, fill with cotton, open the area in the seams sew by hand. Attach the pillow to the related owl and connect the lower bound edge.

Source : http://igmihrru.ru/MODELI/igrushki/030/30.html

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