Amigurumi Red Dress Doll

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Alenka's height is 19cm. 

Yarn: acrylic 100%: white, red, black (Adelia Tina), milky (Kartopu bebe) 

Hook №3 

Stuffing - sintepukh. 

Eyes - crystal black d = 10mm







1. 6X (6) 

2. 6V (12) 

3. XV * 6 (18) 

4. 2XV * 6 (24) 

5. 3XV * 6 (30) 

6 - 12. 30X (30) 

13. 3XA * (24) 

14. 2XA * 6 (18) 

15. XA * 6 (12) 

Fix the eyes in the 11th row: 12X eyes 6X eyes 12X 


Sew a line of black yarn along the diameter line, dividing 4 circles in half 

Needle with double folded yarn Pass through the hole in the inside of the head between the 11th and 12th circle at a distance of 3X from the hole for the eye. 

Thread the needle into the first stroke of the stitch, return to the hole between the 11th and 12th circle and back the needle into it.

Then bring the needle into the hole from the inside of the head between the 14th and 15th circles at a distance of 1X from the hole between the 11th and 12m, pass the needle into the second stroke line. 

Return to the hole between the 14th and 15th circles, and then insert the needle back into it. 

Put the needle in the next hole from the inside of the head, thread the needle into the third stroke of the stitch, etc. 

After flashing part of the right side of the head, do the same with the left side. Then sew the back

Hair11 100x100 Amigurumi doll Alenkahair21 100x100 Amigurumi doll AlenkaHair31 100x100 Amigurumi doll AlenkaHair41 100x100 Amigurumi doll Alenka


Cut 12 pieces of black yarn 40cm long. Tie them in the middle with a black thread. Thread the ends of the thread into the holes between the posts on the back of the head and tie it on the reverse side. Braid a braid. Trim the excess. 


Red thread through the holes between the eyes. Spacing 2X holes, zigzag the bottom row. Tie the ends on the reverse side. 


0. 12O (white) 

1. 12X (12) (white) 

2. 5XV * 2 (14) (white) 

3 - 10. 14X (14) (natural) 

11. 7X (7) Work with a half body 

12 - 22. 7X (7) 

23. Skip one loop, in the 2nd loop, knit 6 X, skip the 3rd loop, then knit 4X (10) 

Leg # 2 

12 - 20. 7X (7)

21. 6X, skip the 7th loop (6) 

22. In the 1st loop, knit 6 X, skip the 2nd, then knit 5X (11) 

As you can see, the second leg has one row less. This is done so that the legs are the same length. In the 22nd lap, one extra loop compensates for the loop that is not connected in the 21st circle. 


1. 6X (6) 

2. Skip one loop, in the 2nd loop, knit 6 X, skip the 3rd and 4th loops, 5th knit 6X, 6th skip (12) 

3. 2X2V2X (8 + 6 unbound = 14) 

4. Tie backwards to the leg, removing 4 loops (on the toe): X4A5X (10) 

Start tying Immediately behind the last connected loop of the 23rd circle of the leg. 

At the end of the circle, tie 4O; fasten it on the reverse side

To leg # 2, start tying from the opposite side of the last knitted circle loop. 

Dress (fit separately) 

0. 16O 

1. 16X 

2. 3XV * 4 (20) 

3. 20X (20) 

4. 4XV * 4 (24) 

5. 24X (24) 

6. 5XV * 4 (28) 

7. 28X (28) 

8. 6XV * 4 (32) 

9 - 10. 32X (32) 

Embroider pattern 


1 - 2. 6X (6) 

3. 1 column with two on the 5X (6) 

4 - 8. 6X (6) 


. Sleeve 1. 6X (6) 

2. 6V (12) 

3. 6A (6) 

Tie back to the handle, adding 6 loops: 6V (12) 

Start tying off immediately behind the last knitted loop of the 8th circle knob.

To the second handle, begin to tie up on the opposite side of the last knitted circle loop. 

Dress the body, leaving 2 white rows visible. 

Sew the handles. 


Make one air loop, tie it to the loop of the dress closest to the sleeve (front), tie 4 O, fasten to the dress from the back 

All body parts except the handles fill with gasket. Head sew to the body. Sew a hole between the legs. Hide the thread. 

The doll is ready!


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