Knitting Fishnet Top Free Pattern

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Fishnet Top 
PAWEP: 36-38 
You will need: the Yarn "Pauline" (100% Merserizovovena cotton, 25 0 m/100 g)-300 g color cyclamen, spokes № 2.5. 
Obverse: Persons. Rows of persons. Hinges, Series-Izn. Loops. 
Openwork Pattern: Knit according to the scheme.

Density of Knitting: 25 p. х 32 of a row = 10х10 sm. 
Backrest: On the Spokes Dial 107 p., knit as follows: 1 Chrome. N., * 10 p. Persons. Gladi, 9 N. openwork pattern *, repeat *-*, at the end of knitting 10 p. Persons. and 1 chrome. N. At the height of 60 cm, close the loops, in the strip of 9 N. openwork pattern, please z times x 2p. Together. 
Before: Knit similarly " 
Assembly: Perform shoulder seams 7 cm wide. Then execute the left side seam, leaving for armholes 18 cm. On the right side for the cord dial on the Spokes 75 N., then on the arm (height 35 cm) evenly dial to 78 N. On the front and back and then dial the spokes of 75 n. = 306 N. Knit 6 rows of faces. Close the hinges. From below sew lateral edges on 14 sm in height.

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