Cadbury Chick Pattern

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Judy's Chick.

Materials: a few yards of yellow worsted weight - I used acrylic, 4 dpns, size 6, a crochet hook, cotton ball, Cadbury egg

Body: Cast on 20 stitches, arranged as 6 on Needle 1; 8 on Needle 2 and 6 on Needle 3.

Join, knit three rounds in k1p1 rib.
Rnd 4: Continue in rib, increase 2 stitches on each needle: 26 stitches
Rnd 5: Increase 1 stitch in first stitch of round; knit even to last stitch in rnd and increase on stitch in it. - tail shaping
Rnd 6: Work even. For garter stitch, purl this round; for stockinette, knit it.
Rnd 7 - 14: Repeat Rnds 5 & 6 4 times. 36 stitches

Stop. Move the first stitch on the 2nd needle to Needle 1. Move the last stitch on the 2nd needle to Needle 3.

Fold work so Needles 1 and 3 are parallel. Insert tip of working - empty- needle into first stitch on Needle
1 and then into end stitch on Needle 3; pull yarn through both stitches in knit, move old stitches off the needles.

Repeat on next two stitches. 
Pull first stitch on working needle over new stitch. This is 3 needle bind off.
Repeat on all stitches to end of Needle 1 and 3 - one stitch left on working needle. This is awkward, with the middle needle
sticking up as you work, but keep at it.

Head: There is one stitch on the working needle and 8 on the other needle.
Increase in each of the 8 stitches, arranging them onto three needles as you work. 17 stitches
Work in pattern, either garter or stockinette, for 8 rows.

Last rnd: knit 1 stitch, knit the 16 stitches together, 2 at a time. 9 stitches left. Cut yarn, leaving a generous tail. Either use a crochet
hook or thread the cut end through a needle, and pull up the 9 stitches and end off in your favorite way.

Beak. Find the middle of the -face- of the chick, insert crochet hook and reach into the head and pull out the yarn tail from the end off. Chain 2,
yarn over hook, insert hook in knit stitch in middle of face, pull loop through - 3 loops on hook, pull new stitch through all three loops, repeat
in the next two knit stitches up from the first stitch - pulling the stitches through the first stitch on the needle each time so there is only one stitch
on the hook after each double crochet. Pull the free end of the yarn through the last stitch and then weave the end into the chick and cut off.

There is a gap at the neck where the bind off ended. I sew it shut with some scrap yarn, then put a ribbon round the chick's neck. Stuff the head with
a cotton ball and embroider eyes on it. Stuff the body with a Cadbury egg! 

Some I did in garter and some in stockinette. Either way they are cute.

Judy in Shoreline, WA

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