Amigurumi Sparrow Easy Tutorial

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The yarn is of medium thickness (approximately: 90-110 m in 50g, 10 stitches, 9-11 coils of twisting per inch), only about 23 meters, 
Set of 4 2.75 mm thick spokes, 
Tapestry Needle, 
Material for stuffing. 
M1 = Add one loop: Raise the right side of the loop on a row 
Below the extreme loop on the left spoke, move it to the left spoke, Touch this loop face, 
Then the next loop on the left spoke. 
op = wrap and rotate: By tying the specified number of loops, translate the working thread before 
Work, move the next loop with the left spokes to the right, transfer the thread to work and remove 
Loop back on the left spoke. Thanks to this reception the loop turns out to be "wrapped" thread. 
Rotate the work and purl the specified number of loops. Translate the work thread behind 
Work, move the next loop with the left spokes to the right, translate the working thread before 
Work and return the loop to the left spokes. In this way the second loop turns "wrapped". 
Rotate the work and the specified number of loops. 
Knitting starts at the cervical level 
To dial 18 loops on 3 hosiery spokes, to knit in a circle as follows: 
1) All loops facial 
2)/м1, 6 persons/Repeat to the end of the circular series 
3) All Loops facial 
4)/м1, 7 persons/Repeat to the end of the circular series 
5) All Loops facial 
6)/м1, 8 persons/Repeat to the end of the circular series 
7) All loops facial = 27 loops 
8) 3 persons, OP, 6 Izn, OP, 3 persons 
9) 4 Persons, OP, 8 Izn, OP, 4 persons 

10) 5 persons, OP, 10 Izn, OP, 5 persons 
11) 6 Persons, OP, 12 Izn, OP, 6 persons 
12) 7 persons, OP, 14, OP 7 persons 
13) 8 Persons, OP, 16 Izn, OP, 8 persons 
14) 1 persons, 2 VMS persons, face up to 3 last loops of a circular row, 2 VMs of persons with inclination to the left, 1 
15) Repeat circular Row 14 
16) Repeat circular Row 14 
17) Repeat circular Row 14 
18) Repeat circular Row 14 
19) Repeat circular Series 14 = 15 loops 
20) All Loops facial 
21) Repeat circular Row 14 
22) All Loops Facial 
23) Repeat circular Row 14 
24) All Loops facial 
25) Repeat circular Row 14 
26) All Loops facial 
27) Repeat circular Row 14 
28) All Loops facial = 7 loops 
Trim the thread, push it into the tapestry needle and pull it through all the remaining open loops. 
The hole is not tightened yet. 
Starting immediately to the right of the first loop dialed earlier for the calf (middle of the breast birds), 
Raise 18 loops, one in each typed earlier, then knit in circular rows. (3 
The circular range should be supplied exactly as indicated: 2 loops must be wrapped on 3 
Times each) 
1) All loops facial 
2) All loops facial 
3) 12 Persons, OP, 6 Izn, OP, 6 persons, OP, 6 Izn, OP, 6 persons, OP, 6, OP, 12 persons 
4) All Loops facial 
5) All Loops facial 
6)/1 persons, 2 VMS persons/Repeat until the end of the circular series 
7)/2 VM faces/Repeat until the end of the circular series 
8)/2 VM faces/Repeat to the end of the circular series = 3 loops 
Trim the thread, insert into the tapestry needle, stretch through the remaining open loops, strongly 
Tighten and fasten the tail of the thread. 
Using the tip of the straight spokes through the hole on the tail, fill the gasket head and 
Trying to perform this operation very carefully in order not to disturb the graceful outlines of the 
Birds. The tail is not stuffed, spread it, flatten and bend up. Tighten the hole and 
Fasten the thread. 
Sew all holes, fasten the ends. Smile!


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