Amigurumi Rainbow Birds Free Pattern

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So. The whole bird is knit with poles without 
Trebles. First the thread of white color 
1r BST. b/N. 2r 12st. b/N 
Sp. 18st. b/N. 4-5 R. 18st. b/N. 
Br. 21 St. b/N. 7r 24st. b/N. 
Etc. 24v. b/N. Now trim the white thread 
and start knitting blue 
9-14 R. 24st. b/N. 15r. 18st. b/N. 
Fill the bird with a synth 
16r 12st. b/N. 17r 9st. b/N. 
18-23 R. 9st. b/N. Pull loops and trim 
Wing knit is easy, just tie 
Oval, or by any scheme of leaf 
Flower. Bill and Legs Embroider

Thats it . Your Bird Here :

Pattern Here :

Source : https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/petlya_mebiusa/post370066772/

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