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Knitted dog

100 g of yarn of medium thickness (100% acrylic) in cream and white colors, a bit of red and black yarn, padding for packing. 
HOOK № 4. 
air loop (in Sec..). N enter a hook throw 
him thread and extend through n. 
Column without sc (item b / n.) N hook introduce chain or lower p. . and pull out a new n., grab the thread and knit 2 n. on the hook in 1 reception. Connecting stitch (com. St.): Insert the hook into the chain, grab the thread and pull it through the chain and paragraph on the hook.
Long paragraphs: * insert a hook into section, lay a working thread on top of the pointing finger, hold it under the middle and, holding the ring thread, grab it between the middle and ring fingers and stretch it through Art. b / n Tie both p. On a hook together with a double crochet, release a finger from p. *, Repeat from * to * of each art. b / n lower p. 
Repeat this process until the end of p. 
Details: according to schemes 1-6. 
with a cream-colored thread knit according to scheme 1, respectively, performing additions in each p. 7 times for 8 p. = 64 p., And continue straight. Starting from the 18th p. knit with white thread according to scheme 2, evenly diminishing in each p. st. b / n 5 times 8 p. 2 p. carry out 2 tbsp. b / n, knit together. Fill the part with padding polyester and pull down all p. Torso
White thread knit under the scheme 3, performing additions until the circumference is 30 cm. Tie straight 15 cm and perform a decrease in the reverse order. Fill the part with 
padding polyester and pull off all the items. Paws Knit 4 parts. Thread the cream-colored knit under the scheme 1, performing additions in the first 4 p. From the 5th to the 13th p. knit straight and finish knitting.

knitted dog

White thread knit under the scheme 5, performing additions to obtain 8 cm in diameter. Link 6 p. no additions and finish knitting. Ears 
Knit 2 items. White thread knit under the scheme 6. 
From the black thread under the scheme 4 to tie the nose and sew to the head. Black thread to embroider eyes, and red thread - mouth. Sew ears to the head and head to the body. Paws and tail filled with padding polyester and also sew to the 

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