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Necessary materials:
1. Yarn. To create the whale, I used yarn Kardopa Nubuk. The more the yardage of yarn, the smaller the size of toys.
2. Hook. I have 0.6)))) Just to remind you that in order for knitting to be tight, you have to take a hook half the size of what is recommended for yarn. Knit will be hard, but there will not be ugly holes.
3. The filler. Holofayber or any other "magnificent" filler. I always try to fill tight, I like it more, the toy becomes heavy and very comfortable in the hand.
4. Eyes.
5. Mulina, or thin yarn for embroidering a smile.
6. Pliers.
7. Large and small needles.
8. Scissors.
9. Yarn and knitting needles for knitting sweaters.

gt; - air loop
sb - column without crochet
PR - an increase (from one cbn, two sbn is tied up)
ub. - Decrease (two sbn are tied together)
1p) in k / a 6 sbn
2p) PR * 6 times = 12 sb
3р) (1 сбн, ПР) * 6 times = 18 сбн
4р) (2 сбн, ПР) * 6 times = 24 сбн
5р) (3 сбн, ПР) * 6 times = 30 сбн
6р) (4 сбн, ПР) * 6 times = 36 сбн
7р) (5 сбн, ПР) * 6 times = 42 сбн
8-14p) straight 42 sbn
15р) 12 сбн, (1 сбн, УБ) * 6 times, 12 сбн = 36 сбн

16-18r) straight 36th c. 19р (4 сбн, УБ) * 6 times = 30 сбн 20-21r) straight 30 sb 22р) (3 сбн, УБ) * 6 times = 24 сбн 23-25r) straight 24 sbn 26р) (4 сбн, УБ) * 4 times = 20 сбн 27-29r) straight 20 sbn 30р) 5 сбн, УБ, 6 сбн, УБ, 5 сбн = 18 сбн 31p) straight 18 sev 32р) (7 сбн, УБ) * 2 times = 16 сбн 33p) straight 16 seb 34р) 3 сбн, УБ, 6 сбн, УБ, 3 сбн = 14 сбн 35p) straight 14 seb

36р) (УБ, 5 сбн) * 2 times = 12 сбн 37p) straight 12 sbn 38р) УБ, 10 сбн = 11 сбн 39р) 3 сбн, УБ, 6 сбн = 10 сбн 40р) 6 сбн, УБ, 2 сбн = 9 сбн 41p) straight 9 sbn Kit is stuffed in the process of knitting. To this stage it must be fully packed 42p) UB, 5 sbn = 8 sbn

The row is not tied to the end. It is important here that the last column should be on the side of the whale. Probably it will be necessary to make 3-4 sb, after the decrease. And it is possible and all 7 сбн. 43p) for both loops we sew 4 seb The whale is full. Next, the tail is tied in opposite rows. At the beginning of each row an air loop is made. 44р) ПР, 2 сбн, ПР = 6 сбн 45r) OL * 2 times, 2 sb, PR * 2 times = 10 sb 46р) 2 в.п. 1 ssn, PRSP, 1 csn, loop is skipped, 2 sbn, loop is skipped, 1 ssn, PRESS, 1 ssn, = 10 loops 47r) 2in.p. 1 ssn, PR ssn, 1 ssn, 1 sbn, let's loop, 1 sbn, let's loop, 1 sb, 1 ssn, PR ssn, 1 sbn = 12 sts. Tail is ready to hide the tail.

Fins: 1p) in k / a 6 sbn 2р) 1 сбн, ПР, 2 сбн, ПР, 1 сбн = 8 сбн 3р) 2 сбн, ПР, 2 сбн, ПР, 2 сбн = 10 сбн 4-7p) straight 10 sbn Do not stuff. Sewing.

Sweater (knitting needles). A chain from the intersection. we measure the necessary number of loops on a sweater, from below the tail. It is better that they be multiples of 4. I got 24 loops, you can have a different number of loops. We redistribute the knitting needles and distribute 6 loops per spoke.

The first pair of rows is knitted with an elastic band 1 facial / 1 purl. Then we knit only the facial loops. As the whale expands upwards, we begin to make increments, we knit on each spoke 3 facial, nakid, 3 facial. The next 1 or 2 circular rows are knitted with facial loops. Periodically try on and make the increase, until we reach the armpit, under the fins. It turned out to me that it was enough to make the increase only 2 times, so I got 8 loops on each spoke.

We try the whale sweater and watch the required number of fin loops, which we will need to close, that we wear a sweater on the whale. I got 4 loops for each fin. We knit: 1 spoke: 2 facial, 4 closed, 2 facial 2 spokes: 8 facial 3 spokes: 2 facial, 4 closed, 2 facial 4 spokes: 8 facial

We have formed holes for the fins, now we need to get these loops. 1 spoke: 2 facial, 4 types, 2 facial 2 spokes: 8 facial 3 spokes: 2 facial, 4 types, 2 facial 4 spokes: 8 facial Try on.

Next, we need to link 1 or 2 circular rows of face loops. Now we need to close before the sweaters and start forming the hood, translating knitting by 1 spoke. I have 8 loops on the front spokes, but this is not enough in front of the sweaters, so I add 2 loops from the side spokes.

We knit: 6 facial, 12 we close. Next we knit on two spokes, face and purl rows. I get 20

Now just on the straight knit the necessary number of rows, periodically trying on. I got 16 rows. We untie the hood by the principle of knitting the heel. For this, we need to divide the number of loops by 3. I do not have to divide 20 by 3, so we get 7-6-7 Rows we will not finish until the end. We knit: 12 facial (7 + 5), 2 loops together face (6 loop +1 from the second seven), knit unfold. 1 remove the loop, 4 purl, 2 together purl, unfold 1 remove the loop, 4 facial, 2 together the front, unfold Repeat this action until the end, until there are only 6 loops left on the spoke

Now it is necessary to untie the visor. We knit it with facial and purl rows, increasing each row by 2 loops, grasping them from the sides of the hood. I increased to 14 loops, 4 loops on each side, that is, I tied 4 rows, adding in each row 2 loops from one side, at the end of the row. Next, we close all the hinges for the visor and tie the edge of the hood slips to ensure that the edges are smooth and neat. We knit and sew our ears. I crochet ears to keep them in shape. For a bear, I make 5 sb in a ring amigurumi, vp, unfold knitting and do 5 increments. You can tie your ears in your own way and generally make the ears of absolutely any beast.

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