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Required materials: 
1) grass yarn - (I used Lebyazhiy Pooh yarn, NAZAR, 100% polyamide, 170m., Weight - 100g.); acrylic yarn (for paws). 
2) hook (№2-2,5); plastic eyes (you can beads or buttons); 
3) scissors; 
4) a filler (it can be a synthetic winterizer, chlorofiber); 
5) wool and a sculpturing needle (my nose is piled, you can sew a button or a bead that looks like a spout, or, alternatively, make plastic)

VP - air loop; 
SS - connecting column; 
SB - single crochet; 
Deactivation - knit 1SBN through 1 loop; 
Increase - 2СБН in one loop. 

Head and body (knit one piece in a circle, it turns out a form similar to a pear): 
We knit 4VP, we close them in a circle 1SS. 
2nd row: we knit 2 SBN = 8SBN into each loop. 
3 row: knit in each loop 2 SBN = 16SBN. 
4th row: we knit 2 SBNs in each second loop (that is, knit 1SBN, then do an increase and thus 8 times) = 24SBN 
5th row: (knit 1SBN, then do an increase - 12 times) = 36SN. 
6 row: (knit 1SBN, then do an increase - 18 times) = 54SBN. 
7-11 rows: 54СБН.
12 row: (we knit 1SBN, then do a decrease - 18 times) = 36SBN. 
13 row: (we knit 1SBN, then do a decrease - 12 times) = 24SBN. 
14th row: 24СБН (it can be said the neck, the head is tied ... then it is necessary to add again, go to the calf)

15 row: (we knit 1SBN, then do an increase - 12 times) = 36SBN. 
16 row: (we knit 1SBN, then we increase it - 18 times) = 54SBN. 
17 - 23 rows: 54СБН. 
24 row: (we knit 1SBN, then do a decrease - 18 times) = 36SBN. 
25 row: 36СБН. 
26 row: (we knit 1SBN, then do a decrease - 12 times) = 24SBN 
27 row: 24SBN. 
Already you can fill with padding polyester ...

28 row: (we knit 1SBN, then do an increase - 8 times) = 16SBN. 
29 row: (we knit 1SBN, then do an increase - 8 times) = 8SBN (you can add a filler, if necessary) 
30 row: decrease until we close the part. We fix the thread, we hide it inside the calf.


We knit 11VP, (1VP will rise). Then we knit 10СБН in the opposite direction. Now we will knit in a circle (simple rows (back and forth) knit fails, we need to “yarn fluffiness” on the front side, if we knit in rows - first in one, then in the other side - we get so that “ fluffiness "will be in one row and the wing will be bald). We knit 4 rows in a circle (to make it easier to count rows, I make a tick - a thread of a different color, like a guideline from which to start counting rows). If you feel that the wing is twisting, you can make 1 increase "in turns" 
. I don’t know if I explained it clearly, I hope the pictures will be clearer. We need another wing ..

We knit everything with one thread, without cutting anything. We try to knit more tightly. So, we recruit 12VP. In the opposite direction, we knit 5СБН. This is the first finger. Next, we dial 7VP, now we knit 6СБН in the opposite direction (the second finger is ready). We collect 5VP and in the opposite direction we knit 4СБН (the third finger is ready). All fingers should come together in one loop. We tie in the opposite direction 7СБН. One foot is ready. Repeat the procedure again.

We sew wings and legs. 
We roll a triangle from wool, then we roll it to the owl (you can sew a button-nose .... 
We sew our eyes (we hide all knots and threads between the posts).

You can experiment with the color and size of the eyes.

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