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It is required:
Yarn "Travka" (100% polyester)
- remains of white color, yarn "Iris"
(100% cotton) - the remains of yellow and
white flowers, needle number 2, hook
No. 1, 5, sintepon, 2 buttons.
Facial smoothness: faces. ranks - of persons. loops,
out. the ranks are different. loops.
White thread "Grass" type on spokes
15 points, knit people. 30 rows in a row: in the first row
three persons. series evenly add
on 5 p. , and in the last three rows uniformly
Reduce by 5 p. Stitch, stuff
sintepon. Center the part to
the neck turned out.
Wings: hook type 5 air. piercing
and those art. b / n, adding 1 tbsp. When it will turn out
10 tbsp. , tie two rows evenly.
Further decrease at the beginning of each row
1 st., until 5 st. Finish
Tail: dial 5 crochet. crochet
Art. b / n, adding at the end of each
series of 1 tbsp. , until you get 8 tbsp.
Next, knit, subtracting at the beginning of each
series of 1 st., until there will be 2 tbsp. Finish
Eyes: sew large buttons. By
size the buttons crochet white
thread "Iris" in two pieces 2 strips
- eyelids. Sew eyelids by closing the top
part of the buttons.
Beak: type yellow iris "Iris" crochet
10 air. etc., close the ring. Knit
Art. b / n, reducing in each row to 1
st., until there are 3 tbsp. Fill the part
sintepon, pull the remaining.
Paws: with yellow filament "Iris" type
3 air. etc., connect to the ring. 1st row
- Tie in the center of the ring 7 st. b / n. 2 nd
row - knit in a circle st. b / n, evenly
adding 5 tbsp. 3-7th series - knit
exactly. Tie 3 such details, join them together and knit in a circle of art. b / n, evenly
reducing in each row of 4 items,
until 10 st. Set the 6 rows
straight. Then all the details of the synthepon,
equal to 5 but less than 5 points.
the remaining loops.
Shot: Sew all the parts between them.

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