Colorful Bear Amigurumi

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About this handmade work
It is a color version of Tsubikuma Ami Azumi that I always make ^ ^ 
It is nice to carry around with a strap ♪ 
I used lace thread 20 this time, but 
arrange it by changing the thickness of the color and thread as you like Please try ☆ ☆ 
There are lots of knitting parts but it seems to be troublesome ^ ^; Since 
knitting method is only fine knitting, 
please try once by all means ^ 0 ^ 
Also, if there is something you do not know http: // lococ oh I will explain in detail at .exblo 
Pecori ☆


Lace yarn No. 20About 10 g
Embroidery thread (brown and black)A small amount
CottonA small amount
Sashima2 pieces
Marukan about 5 mm1 piece
Strap with crab canvas1 piece
bondReasonable amount

Race needle (No. 2 to No. 6)
Embroidery needle
Hanging around

First stage → 6th, 2nd stage → 12th, 3rd stage → 18th, 4th stage → 24th, 5th stage to 8th stage → 30th, 9th stage → 24th stage, 10th stage → 18 th, 11 th → 12 th

Ears and mouth. 
First stage → 5th, 2nd stage → 10th, 3rd stage → 10th

First stage → 6th, 2nd stage → 12th, 3rd stage to 5th stage → 18th, 6th stage to 7th stage → 14th, 8th stage to 9th stage → 12th

First stage to seventh stage from sixth. 
First stage to fourth stage up to sixth. 
First stage to second stage up to 5 th.

Put cotton in only the head and body. Stuff as much as possible! !

Sew ears, mouth, eyes at the desired position, and insert your eyes.

Sew the head and body. 
Then sew hands, feet, and tails at your favorite position.

Spread the mouth of Marukan with a little hand, insert it in the head's teppen, close the mouth. 
Completed with a strap attached ☆
Tips for making this handmade work
you knit your head, do not stop by pulling out and please knit in a gruel giru. 
For other parts, we will draw one knit in 1 stage and go to the next stage, please proceed after we knit chain 1 
stitch ^^ And , the harder the stitch is, the better the b 
cotton When packing, please get in as hard as possible ^ ^
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