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Description of knitting little dragon.

We will need:

The yarn is green (I have 100% cotton, 250 meters per 100g)
Yellow yarn thinner (250m 50gr)
Hook number 2

All the details, except the neck, ears, scallops and wings, begin to knit with the initial ring of 6 p. The main type of loops - article bn. All the ends of the thread is not cut, and refuel in detail!

The body - 1deta.

6p - 12p - 18p - 24p - 30p - 36p knit in a circle - 6 rows.
up to 12 rows inclusive knit without changes.
13r - chz 5p reset
14r - chz 4p return
15, 16,17 r - without changes, we fill a little
18r - chz 3p decrease
19,20r - without changes
21 p - chz 2p reset, we stuff some more
22,23 r - without changes
24 r - chz 1 p down
25 r - without changes, we fill to the end, we collect for 1 thread and tighten.
Head - 1 det.

6p-12p-18p-24p-30p knit in a circle - 5 rows
up to 10 rows inclusively unchanged
11r - chz 4p reduction
12p - no change
13r - chz 3 p reset
14, 15, 16 r - without changes, we fill a little
17r - chz 2p reset
18r - chz 1p a decrease, we collect on 1 thread and we tighten.
Legs - 2 children.

6p – 12p-18p knit in a circle in 3 rows
4, 5, 6 r - without changes
7р - chz 3 p reset
8p - no change
9p - chz 2p reduction, do not tighten, we complete.

Handles - 2 children.

6p - 12p knit in a circle 2 rows
3,4,5,6 r - without changes
7р - chz 3p decrease
8p - no change
9p - chz 2p reset, collect on 1 thread and tighten.

Nostrils - 2 years (yellow thread)

The initial ring of 6P, we complete the connection. st.
Neck - 1deta.

8th c. n enclosed in a ring comp. st, knit in a circle 6 rows.

Ears - 2 children.

Dial 4 VP, in the 2nd loop from the hook, knit 3 items bn, in the last - 2 items bn, complete the connection. st.

Scallop - 1det (yellow thread).

Dial 40 v.p knit a row of article bn
Then * Art bn, Art nn, Art c 2n, Art nn, Art bn *, continue to the end from * to *

Wings - 2det (yellow thread)

Dial 11 VP and knit according to the leaf pattern.

Then we sew all the parts, we start from the head: we sew our eyes (you can cut circles from white felt or leather, and from the top - a bead), ears and nostrils.

Then all the other body parts. On the tum can be glued a circle of yellow felt, mouth, too, from a piece of felt.

Here are some details should come out.

That turned out to be a charming dragon! You can thread a loop on the comb on the head and it can be hung on a Christmas tree or in a car. Happy New Year to all !!!!

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