Amigurumi Key Chain Lamb

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1 Row-3 VP in a ring
2 Row-6 stbn in the ring
3 row-2 stbn in each loop (12 p)
4 Row-2 stbn in each 2nd loop (18 p)
5 row-Evenly make 3 increments (21 p)
From the 6th row to the 9th row-without increments, then Ubavki in the same order, at the end of the pull.


3 VP in a ring
2 Row-6 stbn in the ring
3 P 12 stbn


3 VP in a ring
2 Row-12 stbn
3 row-increment through each loop (18 p)
4-7 series without increments
8 row and further down, loops close.


3rd VP
1row-6 PSTBN
2-3 Series-6 stbn


1 p.-1 VP
Each successive row of 1 increment to 5 p, then subtract by 1 p., Finish.


We produce eyes from white cardboard and black beads.
We make a place for eyes, we do a duck.
All stitch, knit tail of the air loops.


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