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Materials: I knitted from jeans art jurn, for clothes I used pedhork children's novelty. hook number 2 for the eyes took two beads, the size, unfortunately, can not determine, but small
we begin with the ears: 1p = 6 n in the spacecraft 2p = (1cbn, pr) x3 = 9 cbn 3p = (2sbn, pr) x3 = 12 cbn 4p = (3sbn, pr) x3 = 15 cbn 5p = 15 cbn 6p = (4cbn, pr) x3 = 18 cbn 7-9p = 18 cbn 10p = (7sbn, yb) x 2 = 16sbn 11p = (6cb, yb) x 2 = 14 cps 12-14p = 14 cps 15p = ( 5sbn, yb) x 2 = 12 cbn 16p = (4sbn, yb) x 2 = 10 cbn 17-18p = 10 sb 19p = (3cb, yb) x 2 = 8 cbn 20-27p = 8 crochet the ears fold in half, for both parties

Handles: 1p = 6in in KA 2p = (1sbn, pr) x 3 = 9 sb 3-13p = 9 sb 14p = add in half, tie sb for both sides. I DO NOT KNOCK THE PEN.

Feet: 1p = we dial a chain of 5 in 2p = 3sbn, 4 sb in one loop, on the other side of the chain 3 sb = 10 sb 3p = 3cb, 4pr, 3cb = 14 4p = pr, 3sbn, 2pss, 3pr from pss, 2pss , 3cb = 18 5-6p = 18cb 7p = 5cb, 4ub, 5cbn = 14 cbn 8p = 4cb, 3ub, 4cb = 11 cbn 9-10p = 11 sb 11p = pr, 10 sb = 12 sb 12-14p = 12 sb For the right leg (start exactly from the center at the back): 15p = 8sbn, ub, 2sbn = 11 sb 16p = 8sbn, ub, 1sbn = 10 sb 17p = 5ub For the left foot * start exactly from the center behind): 15p = 2sbn, ub , 8 сбн = 11 сбн 16р = 1сбн, уб, 8сбн = 10 сбн 17р = 5уб We fill the legs as we knit

HEAD-BODY 1p = 6n in the spacecraft 2p = 6pr = 12 cbn 3p = (1sbn, pr) x 6 = 18 cbn 4p = 1sbn, (pr, 2sbn) x 5, pr, 1 sb = 24 sbps 5p = (3sbn, pr) x 6 = 30 cbn 6p = 2cb, (pr, 4cbn) x 5, pr, 2sbn = 36 cbn 7p = (5sbn, pr) x 6 = 42 cps 8-12p = 42 cps 13p = (5sb, yb) x 6 = 36 сбн 14р = 2сбн, (уб, 4сбн) х 5, уб, 2сбн = 30 сбн 15р = (3сбн, уб) х 6 = 24 сбн 16р = 1сбн, (уб, 2сбн) х 5, уб, 1сбн = 18 сбн 17-18р = 18 сбн 19р = 1сбн, (пр, 2сбн) х 5, пр, 1сбн = 24 сбн 20р = (3сбн, пр) х 6 = 30 сбн 21-24р = 30 сбн 25р = (7сбн, pr, 6sbn, pr) x 2 = 34 cbn 26p = 34 cbn 27p = (16sbn, pr) x 2 = 36 cps 28-31p = 36 cps 32p = 2cb, (yb, 4cbn) x 5, yb, 2sbn = 30 cbn 33p = (3cbn, yb) x 6 = 24 cps 34p = 1cb, (yb, 2cbn) x 5, yb, 1 sbn = 18 cbn 35p = (1sbn, y ) X 6 = 12 = 6ub 36P fills at least Knitting

ASSEMBLING Face masks: I do not make any jokes. Just because I do not like it. Without straps, the hare is somehow nicer), but if you have a desire for force majeure - your business)) By the method of fitting we determine the place where the nose will be. I counted on a bear - this is the 10th row from above (we also consider the Amigurumi ring). It is not necessary to follow my words blindly, everyone has his own taste, so be guided by your instinct and intuition)) Embroider the nose, just a few stitches and one longitudinal strip down from the middle of the spout. If you will glue the half-beads as peepholes, then the next paragraph can be safely skipped)) If you have stocked the beads - sewing. We do it this way - we draw a needle with a thread over a spout from one side, string two beads at once, insert a needle into the head above the spout on the other side and immediately bring it out in the center, between the beads so that the thread on which these beads are worn is at the bottom . Next, with a light movement, insert a needle under this thread with beads to the center of the nose. And tighten the thread. That is, we have divided eyes. And they got into our heads a little bit. However, everything depends on the strength with which you will tie this thread. Fanaticism does not need us anything, but it's also very weak too)) I very much hope that I explained more or less clearly)). What I want to say is the tail of the thread in my neck area from behind, there we end up with a needle, we tie a knot and hide the tails in the body of a rabbit.

Egg-ears: we sew them at a distance of 5 rows from the center of the head. Handles: sewing in any way. You can tighten, you can thread the mount. In the latter case, they will move a little. Legs: if you were careful, you noticed that they do not have straight lines at the top, but slightly obliquely. The side where we got the bevels, we will sew them to the trunk. From the bottom we count five rows and we sew the legs with a threaded fastener. I found a photo, just in case I attach it. I do not explain what a thread fastener is, I think everyone knows it. If someone does not know - you can see on the Internet. I hope no one will take offense at me for not painting it in detail)) Well, that's all. Our hare is almost ready, it remains only to dress up.

Cap: We type on needles 36 p We knit three rows of elastic 1x1 Next 4 rows of facial smoothness. In the next row we knit holes for the ears: 9 lp, 3p close, 12 lp, 3p. close, 9 l.p Next row: 9 IP, 3 points are typed, 12 IPs, 3 points are typed, 9 and so on. Next, we knit the facial surface, periodically applying a cap to the head. Losses: we sew 2 ply together TWO rows, then cut the thread, insert it into the needle and let it pass through all the loops remaining on the spoke. We tighten, fix, sew the cap. If desired, you can decorate it with a pompon or something else, then turn on the fantasy) Overalls: We dial on the spokes 24 p and knit with an elastic band 1x1 TWO rows.

Next, we have a face series, we make additions in it - in each face loop we remove the elastic bands from the broaches on the loop. It turns out to be plus 11 items. We sew the inward row and cover the front row in the following way: 7 faces, 5 sts close, 11 facial, 5 quarters closed, 7 facial. Invalid row: 7 of them, 3p. we type, 11 purl, 3p. typing, 7 purl Two rows of facial smoothness, then: 7 persons, an increase from the broach, 2 facial, an increase from the broach, 11 facial, an increase from the broach, 2 facial, an increase from the broach., the remaining facial. We continue to knit with the facial smoothness. We put the overalls on the body. When it becomes clear that it's time to tie the trousers, we divide the knitting into two equal parts and knit each part separately. Close the hinges. If in the front row, then the wrong side, if in the purl - then the facial loops - so that the bottom does not twist. Stitches and back I sewed directly on the toy, since originally the overalls were supposed to be non-removable. If desired, you can sew the back to half, sew a button and make a loop.

We type 25 loops. The first row is tied with facial loops. Next: 4 persons, nakid, 1 person, nakid, 3 persons, nakid, 1 person, nakid, 7 persons., Nakid, 1 persons., Nakid, 3 persons, nakid, 1 persons, nakid, 4 persons. In the purl series - purl loops Face. number: 5 persons, nakid, 1 person, nakid, 5 persons, nakid, 1 persons, nakid, 9 persons, nakid, 1 persons, nakid, 5 persons, nakid, 1 persons, nakid, 5 persons. row - purl loops Lits.rjad: 6 persons, nakid, 1 persons, nakid, 7 persons, nakid, 1 persons, nakid, 11 persons, nakid, 1 persons, nakid, 7 persons, nakid, 1 persons, nakid, 6 persons . Risks - purl loops Lits.rjad: 7 persons, nakid, 1 persons, nakid, 9 persons, nakid, 1 persons, nakid, 13 persons, nakid, 1 persons, nakid, 9 persons, nakid, 1 persons, nakid, 7 persons. Ext. row - purl loops Lits.rjad: 9 persons, 11 stitches are closed by the back, 17 persons, 11 stitches are closed by the back, 9 persons. O.n.rjad - purl loops, we connect parts of a back and transfer. Lits.rjad: we do increments from broaches. I do not remember how I did, in my opinion, (2 persons, pr) and repeat until victory. Next, we knit the front face to the desired length. Do not forget to apply the dress to the bunny. Close the hinges. If in the front row, then the wrong side, if in the purl

face loops - so that the bottom does not twist. On the waist line we pass a string, we tie it from behind. You can not do this, do something else, there is room for imagination and fantasy in general). I tied up the bottom with crocheted columns without a crochet. This is already optional))

Cap dwarf: We type on the spokes 36 loops. We knit three rows of elastic band 1x1. Change the thread color after every two rows. Next, four rows of facial smoothness, then: Face count: 9 persons, 3 hinges closed, 12 faces, 3 hinges closed, 9 faces. Exhaust: 9 out of the loops, dial out, 12 out, 3 hinges to dial, 9 out. Dadee 4 rows of facial smoothness Lits.rjad: 1 persons, ub, 9 persons, ub, 10 persons, ub, 10 persons. Runtime: 9 out of a lot, uh, 9 out of, uh, 8 out, uh, 1 out Lits.rjad: 1 persons, ub, 7 persons, ub, 8 persons, ub, 8 persons Rx: 7 ub, ub , 7 изн, уб, 6 изн, уб, 1 изн Lit. ryad: 1 persons, уб, 5 persons. ub, 6 persons, ub, 6 persons izn.kn: 5 izn, ub, 5 iz, ub, 4 izn, ub, 1 izn Lits.rjary: 1 persons, ub, 3 persons, ub, 4 persons, ub, 4 persons Persons: 3 persons, 3 people, 3 women, 2 children, 2 children, 2 children, 1 person, 5 persons, 1 person. Next, we knit the front face to the desired length.

Source : Автор Наталья Борисова

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