Knitting cardigan for a child

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we need: Alize Baby Best Yarn - 3 skeins; Buttons; The circular needles number 3; Needle and thread; Hook. How to knit a children's cardigan with ears with needles Let's pick up 58 loops on the needles. This amount is enough for a cardigan for a child of 2-3 years. We will knit a cardigan raglan on top and a simple garter stitch, that is, we knit all the rows with facial loops. We knit 1 row. In the next we will make increases. 4 loops will be raglan lines. We will have the following scheme: 16 loops will be the loops of the back, 8 left on the sleeves and 11 on the shelves. Knit 11 loops. Then we increase. It can be knitted from already knitted loops, or it can be made from broach. The next loop is raglan. Tie her face. After this loop, we also make an increase from broach. Next come 8 loops sleeves. We knit them and again make an increase, knit a raglan loop and another 1 increase. We knit back loops and we have them 16. Now again we make an increase from a broach, we knit a raglan loop and make another increase. Knit 8 loops of the sleeves and repeat the increase, raglannuyu loop and increase. We tie a series of 11 loops. For convenience, ragl loop at the beginning of knitting can be marked with a thread of a different color. Knit a new row. And it fits in exactly the same as the previous one. But there will be more loops between the raglan lines, since we performed increments. That is, the shelf will have not 11, but 12 loops. In the sleeves of 10 and in the back 18. Reglaned loops in this (seamy) row, we knit the seamy loop. That is, on the front side of the raglan loop will be front. We knit like 3-4 cm. And proceed to the formation of a loop under the button. The first 3 loops just knit. Then we do nakid and the following 2 loops knit together. Due to the nakida we have a buttonhole. We knit further, as knitted before this series until the end. In the next row, we simply knit nakid with a face loop, and knit everything else as usual. Knit another 8-10 rows and repeat the hole for the button. When we knit 12-13 cm, we will begin to connect the sleeves. Knit shelf. Then remove the loop of the sleeves on an additional thread. And knit backrest loop. We will also remove the loops of the second sleeve and thread the loops of the second shelf. Knit further down the required length.cardigan . It can be short or long. We knit already without increases and raglan loops. That is just a garter stitch. Do not forget to make holes for buttons at the same distance. Then go back to the top of the cardigan and tie the hood. We collect loops directly from composing loops. They should be 58. And we will make the hood deepening. We knit 27 loops, in the next 4 loops we knit 2 face loops each. Next, knit again 27 loops. Turn knittingand continue to knit. Knit 3 rows without increments. And then again the addition. We knit 29 loops, in the next 4 loops we knit 2 loops each and then knit 29 loops again. Then knit without increments 3 rows. And again we will start to make increases. We knit 31 loops, into the next 4 loops, 2 loops each, and end a row of 31 face loops. Again, knit 3 rows without increments. Then we knit 33 facial, in the next 4 loops 2 facial each, we end a row of 33 facial loops. And so on. To the desired depth. Then just knit the height of the hood. We knit just up 23-25 ​​cm. We fold the hood and sew it on the seamy side with a hookconnecting bars. We knit ears. In the sliding loop we knit 12 crochets. And then we will knit 2 rows with additions. In the first one we knit an addition to each loop, that is, 2 columns in a loop. And in the second we do an increase through the loop. All we need to tie 4 ears. We sew yarns of a different color with 2 ears between each other with a snarling step, that is, by introducing a hookbackwards, not forward, as with ordinary knitting. Sew ears to the hood. We also tie the cardigan itself with a stride step. We sew buttons. Children's knit cardigan ready! 

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