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Mother's voice, gentle and native, accompanies the child from the very beginning of his life. After the termination of breastfeeding and when the lullaby song ceases to be relevant, many parents forget about maintaining a close emotional connection between them and the child. 
why read to children at night 
Reading to children at night is a continuation of a lullaby that performed a lulling mission, but with age passed to another, higher, step. 
Thanks to reading the books for the night by parents, the child falls asleep better and sleeps with sweet dreams, thanks to the emotions received. 

The intricate pattern.

Age 12-18 months, material: 180 g of wool yarn with the addition of viscose lilac and 3 buttons per tone. hook number 3. 


air loop ( cp ): insert a hook into the nest, thread a thread on it, and stretch it through the n. Stolbik without a crochet (st. 6 / n): hook into the chain or lower pile. and pull out a new n., grab the thread and tie it 2 sts on the hook in one step. 

Column with a crochet (item: c / n): make a crochet on the hook, insert it into the chain and pull out a new stitch, 3 stitches on the hook in pairs in 2 doses. 

Fantasy pattern: according to the scheme 1. Additions: according to the scheme 2. 




Type a chain of 58 in. etc. and knit a pattern according to scheme 1. At a height of 22 cm, close the armhole on both sides in each p. 3,. 2. and 1 st. At a total height of 35 cm, finish knitting. 

Right shelf Write a 

chain of 28 in. etc. and knit a pattern according to scheme 1. At a height of 22 cm, close the armhole from the side seam in each river. 3 p., 2 p. And 1 p. At the same time, from the opposite side, to make the collar the necessary shape, perform the addition of scheme 2, repeating the 3rd and 4th p. only 3 times = 34 p. At an altitude of 35 cm, close 12 pts for the shoulder and continue knitting 22 st of the collar for a further 6 cm. Then close the shoulder in each river. 5 times for 3 points and finish knitting. 

Left shelf 

Knit symmetrically to the right shelf. 


Stitch, sew the collar and sew it to the neckline of the backrest. Rags and a collar to tie 3 r. Art. b / n, performing in the 2 nd р. on the right-hand shelf 3 holes for buttons (2 ey, skip 2 p. of the lower r.): the first - about 2 cm from the bottom edge, the second - at the beginning of the additions for the collar and the third - between them. Tie the belts 3 r. Art. b / n. Sew off the buttons. For the cord, double-thread the chain from. a length of 96 cm and pass through the loops along the waist line. At the ends perform the nodes. Wet the finished product and allow it to dry. 
Magazine Вяжем для детей №1 / 2007, the hook.

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