Crochet Blue Lace Top

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Size: for 8-9 years 
you will need: CoSo yarn (100% cotton, 240 m / 50 g) - 50 g of blue, 10 g of white color, 
hook number 2. 

Draw a blue thread from the air line. length equal to the girth of the breast + 3 cm for a free fit. Close the chain in a ring and knit an openwork pattern according to scheme 1. After 21 rows, change the thread to white and knit 3 rows, then the blue thread of 3 rows and 3 more rows with a white thread. Cut and fasten the thread. After that, go back to the beginning of the work, tie the 1st row of Art. b / n. Next, knit a pattern according to scheme 2 1 row with a blue thread, 1 row with a white thread and 1 row with a blue thread. After that, knit only the coquette in front of 6 more rows with a blue thread, subtracting 1 rapport in each row from both sides. 

Assembly:Tie the top edge of top 1 next to st. b / n and 1 near the "pico". Twist 4 strings and sew them in the form of straps (see photo).

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