Crochet Scarf

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Description: (thanks to Valentina) 
I draw your attention to the fact that this is a snud tube (i.e. fit in length = face circumference). 
Yarn ALIZE ANGORA SPECIAL (60% MOER. 550 M per 100GR). 
Knitting Press Punch Card N2 (from Silver) at the show (through one loop) 
Density 6 ** 
Loops 160, Rows 336 
Start apt. thread. 
160 hatter = (80-0-80). 10ryadov. 
Enter the working thread 3 rows cooler. 
To make analysis through 1 needle (to move the loops, the released needles to clean in ZNP). 
Knit, making 4 wedges as follows: 
1) MF = 0 ... ... ... MF = 108 straight. 

2) 80-26 (needles on the left) in the PNP. (let's remember the row read by the P / Map) 
At 27-80 (needles on the right) we knit 4 rows.

3) we enter from PNP needles in RP (dekker). We read the remembered series with the carriage and we knit exactly 40 rows. 
Points 2) and 3) we will repeat 3 more rows (that is, only 4 wedges). 
From 229 to 336 rows we knit exactly. 
Next, 2 rows of weaving and we hang open loops of the first row. We connect and close. 
Is done. 

Here is the DRAWING: (alas, the quality of the photo is not very ..)

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