Knitting Socks with Scoop

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Dimensions: S, M, L 
Girth 5 (b. T) inches of Sos'oania, IO (I2, ' 3) inches in And, 
• Yarn is about 4 (x) jarl. Socks NC figure from the Pfjaji 
Suvxrwash (75% of the N"lon); 
. 2.75 mm Circular Llnnoah 32 and 40 lumens, size required for 
• The Narrow- 
• 3.3 mm of the eye; 
. Thin 
• markers • Megki (if necessary); 
-X (if necessary): 
28 42 Series =! Oh] cm faces, glium. 
The instruction is written for the Ammotpebnoy Loop ", can be modified 
Knitting on the Spinlah, 
Elastic size, 56 (64, p) loops 
and lock a circle. The tracker "not to be twisted 
Knit Diagram 4 times, 
Go for the size of the spokes, Knit lo scheme Nogaterk wounds, each half 
The narrow has a 2 inch prieone. 2 scheme 
Amount of about B, mctn 3 length. If you are a. mzursts beads, knitting 
Loop hinge loops. 
P • Mstil Trail. 28 (32, 36) loops petellsrjatsä The top part of a foot. The Sun 
Es 28 (32, PKT • Rnuњ of ", to knit 
Circuit series 
Continuation, lime. Up to a length of 2.25-2.5 inches (SvS-6.5 cm) or to the desired 
Length. Be angry near the easy side, 
The other one. the 
Place the track, 28 (32 loops hinge holder for the upper clot. Knit 
On 28 ($32.3) work izn_ to C "• _ 
Row 1: Stitch the loop. 27 0], 35). Rotated 
A number of 2:1 siyap, [persons. Potorjap, to the end of the "conchip, lit. poche • The bend 
Series-2. Length not 2.25-$2 inches (5.5-cm) lo 
Desired finish of row 1, 
PC» Orfrom Heel, 
Rooted in the MA rows. 

Series (Lia Stovm):
Row 2: Took off, the pegly. Z 7) 2 together AZN "rotated 
Row 3: Pgryu. Lstley Bees n Jump row. 2 Vms's with 
Ivo. Lm!.. 
Row 4: withdrew, loop. By turning the pike-hole row, 2 together 
Coating " 
The ranks of 34. Pop loops will be icon Z, 
them, lo horses. 
Cooled down 1609.2 ') 
The Fkmschyuvanis 
Circular R * L: Remove the Klu, 7 (9.] o) Lea "marker for 
Row. 8 (Ch. Lish ". Pour and PSLs 
On the edge of the-and, Mzklu and part of the foot, 
The post-you are a marker. O. Lolie 28 (32.36) Yeghlin Nerkhno "carries the Uoru. 
Starting from a series of schematic marker, add 1 loop between 
Loop Edge 
Heel. 8 (W, 
Circular row 1: Li [A, up to 3 Gerel marker. 2 together persons.. 
Chger_ in the morning Lo Ma; ger, Chger_ 2 AI, c 
A round of coma, 2 
Circular Pyal 2: persons. The Markegs. Flip the Kicker. knit [th. 
Marker. Lm. 
Repeat the RIAs while (s 72) loops, 
Udal Shesti Nardac started a row, knit trail, Chzra "This yyrker is a stone 
Start Vala, Raspreliit •. Baked like this (Yuraz. Pegln ao: The Anseams were on 
One foot-on the Lruga aids, schschloplit a • To be 
Persons. To H, 
Soles N 2 (2.5 in., h) inches or nu • Mouth 9 (2 ') 
Knit Scheme Mysok • The hour of the person's foot. Galyu 
Krukmoy; Knit scheme Mysok Sha Vrlasy part of the foot. [The Marker, 
Persons.. 2 vmsgs Linden. With the NK. Tone, lo 3 marker, 2 
Twist row 2: Knit diagram of the toe of the SHA 
Style Hollow, 
Repeat series until 8 16). 

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