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There is a very simple technique that will make a beautiful edge on any products 
in which the front and seamy sides will be visible. 

This edge keeps its shape very well and does not allow the edges of the product to twist in different directions, even without a WTO (wet-heat treatment). 

It is dense, elastic and, among other things, simply decorates the product. 

It is made on the basis of knitting a hollow or double elastic band. 

you decided to tie a scarf, calculated the loops and in order that the edges of the scarf did not curl, but were dense and beautiful, you must add additional loops. 

Usually, we add 2 edge loops to the estimated number of loops, and in our variant we will need to add not 2 but 6 loops. 
Suppose the pattern repeat consists of 14 loops, in this case you need to dial 20 loops.
We start knitting and we knit the first row as follows: we remove the first hem, we knit the second one with the face, the third with the purl (these are the first 3 loops). 

Next knit on the scheme of your pattern to the last three loops. 

The last 3 loops of a row: front, purl, front (these three loops will be considered edge loops). 

* Turn the canvas, remove the first edge, then the front, the next purse to remove without tying, the thread before work. Then we continue to knit according to the pattern of your pattern. 

Dovyazav to last three wales knit face, seamy shoot not provyazyvaya, the thread before work face. * 

Rotate the canvas again first remove provyazyvaya not, then the front, do not shoot seamy provyazyvaya ...

It turns out a smooth and beautiful edge that does not twist and does not require additional processing. 

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