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Children's knitted slippers , decorated with heads of dogs, will delight any child. Performing them is so simple that in one evening you can tie a gift to your baby.


Description of knitting baby slippers translated from the book Val Pierce “Cutest Ever Baby Knits”. 

The size:

For a child 3-6 months. By changing the thickness of the yarn and the number of the needles, you can achieve a resizing.

Required materials and tools:

Yarn Sirdar Tiny Tots DK (137 m / 50 g.) - 1 skein of green color, Sirdar Snuggly DK (165 m / 50 g.) - 1 skein of white color, remnants of cream, brown and black yarn for knitting a little dog head;

Spokes number 3.25 and number 3.75, tapestry needle;

It is a little of a synthetic winterizer or other material for stuffing of a dog head.

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