Crochet Bag Free Pattern

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Complexity: Medium
Working time: 5 hours
Materials: Knitted yarn, hook, metal zipper, chain for gold, half ring, ring, needle, thread

For knitting such a handbag you need to know just how to perform SBN (column without a scale). I will show you the rest in detail in this master class. Lots of pics + description to them. Very little time, and you will have such a bright handbag!

We will need:

1) Yarn "Tape"-1 pc. (Length 100 m, width 7-9 mm).

2) Hook 10 mm.

3) Lightning 20 cm (either in the tone of the fittings, or in the tone of the yarn).

4) Chain 30 cm.

5) 2 half rings.

6) 1 ring.

7) plastic needle (for stitching knitted products).

8) needle and thread in yarn tone (for sewing of lightning).

1.1 In the Ring Amigurumi Dial 6 sbn. 
-SBN (non-lime column)

1.2 Connect the series.
1.3 Knitting of 6 rows, increasing the number of SBN according to the scheme (6 loops are dialed-the first row is not considered).

2.1 Further the SBN knit the sidewall of the purse.
The first row is knit behind the back wall.

2.2 We perform 2 rows. At this stage, we have one half of the bag.

2.3 In the same way knit the second half.

2.4 Yarn ends. It is most convenient for me to do this with a plastic needle (which is designed for stitching knitted products).

3.1 Sew two halves with the help of a plastic needle and a yarn.
3.2 Leave 20 cm for lightning.

4.1 The half-rings are pressed.
4.2 Install the chain (15 cm).

5.1 The Lightning bolt.

6.1 The ring is being nailed.

Fasten the ring so that the zipper runner was on the right (in the buttoned state) so it is more convenient for me to open the bag when it is on me.

7.1 We make a brush. 6 strands in the ring.
7.2 We tie the brush. The ends leave the same length, as the main part.

8.1 We make a handle.
We do 2 threads (the length of the yarn is 2 m).

8.2 Spinning clockwise both ends, whip the cord. The most convenient way to weave a handle is to fasten it on the wall or window handle.

9.1 The threads are tied separately.
9.2 Leave 2-3 cm, hide in braiding and sew.

10.1 We make a fringe. Each thread is 110 cm long.
10.2 In the center of the thread (where there is a place of joining halves) and tie knot.
Only 25 threads.

The wash is ready! Wear it with pleasure! I would be grateful to every laika if you liked my Master class. :)

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