Knitting Winter White Set Free Pattern

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Cashmere yarn from Alize (300m/100g), spokes № 2 and № 3, fleece, beads.
The cap and mittens are connected to the round spokes without seams and insulated with fleece. Mittens are embroidered with white beads in the tone of yarn.

CAP is connected without description:
Elastic band 2х 2-144 loops, in height 4 sm, spokes № 2
In the last row evenly add up to 162 loops, 9 rapports pattern., Spokes № 3
Pattern: 6 persons. (braid) + 2izn. + 6 persons. (braid) + 4 N.


I have a gum is not related to the scheme, Rapport 4 loops: 2 persons (in each second row of Perekreshhivaem loops to the left) x 2.

Dial 52 loops and knit on a circle of 40 rows of elastic band 2x2. In the last row of gum add 2p.
Next Knit by scheme
The finger starts in the 10th row,
On the sides of the 2 middle loops of a small braid add-
-In each second row 3 times
-In each third row 3 times
-In each second row 3-4 times.
When on a finger the needle is formed 18-20 loops, to postpone it on pins (loops of a finger begin and end loops increments), to dial over it the missing 2 loops and to knit further on a scheme.
Finger then finish separately, typing 2 loops knit in height as needed, but minus 1 cm further knit two rows:
-In the first knitting alternately 1 persons and 2 persons together.
-In the second knitting two persons together. To the end of the series.
Next thread pull the remaining loops.

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