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A method of manufacturing 
1. For men's pullovers, you need a 2x2 elastic. Nothing is easier! It is derived from gum 1x1. So, we knit 3 rows of 1x1: 
2.1 gum : edge, * wrong, nakid * to the end of the row, finish depending on whether we need an even or odd number of loops, in the first case we knit a nakid, edgeband, in the second - a nakid, wrong edging. Turn over the job. 

3.2 row: those loops, which in the previous row were knitted with purl, knit with facial ones, we remove nakida as purl, thread in front of the loop. Turn over the job. 
4. Further, we repeat only the second row, making 4 more rows (two in one direction, two in the other). The number of rows may be more, less - undesirable: the edge will not hold well.
5. Now the most interesting: from a 1x1 gum magically turns out 2x2 gum! 
6.7 row: edge, * purl, front remove on the additional knitting needle before work, purl, knit the front loop with additional knitting needles, front * to the end of the row. Turn over the job. 
7.8 row: edging, * 2 purl, 2 face * to the end of the row. We turn over and knit the required number of rows. 
8. After 7 rows, you can replant the knitting on the stocking needles and knit the fabric in a circle (cuffs, neck, bottom of the product). 

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