Knitting Easter Wreath

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Easter wreath
Diva is given to the skill of the craftsmen, how much beauty and with what love they create with their hand-made pens :)
That's on this page I suggest you admire the "hooked" masterpieces :)
On the agenda is a knitted Easter wreath. Indescribable beauty! Let's take a closer look at how this masterpiece was going on.

First of all, let's see what we need for this project: Matching globules of yarn, knitted floral pins, foam plastic 22 centimeters in diameter, hook for knitting and of course creative enthusiasm :)

We lay out a sequence of colors that you will then be able to withstand when knitting a striped fragment.

This fragment has only 28 loops wide, which are crocheted at 3.5 mm. And the number of lines of the same color is different. The number of lines for this fragment of the "striped voyage" is approximately 85 rows.

Crochet canvas perfectly gives shrinkage and stretches in the right places.

And they look very happy and springy

Sew the two ends of the canvas together to make a vicious circle, which, like a pillow case, we put on a polystyrene circle.

Note that if you sew two parts in this way, the seam will not be visible at all

From the wrong side we begin to sew both knitted cloth.

For convenience, the craftsman advises you to hang a blank in front of you for a wreath, which will gradually turn into the right place for the plating.

Each stitch should be stitched :)

Due to different color transitions you will always withstand the place of connection of identical color loops.

In this way, the whole round blank is completed, the junction of which is on the wrong side.

Hurray, on the front side, this minke looks very beautiful and joyfully :) what a great project to use all its remains in the yarn :)) It's worse for those who decide to start crocheting with this project :)) Then sovet-and what for girlfriends ?:)

It remains to decorate this striped wreath with knitted flowers :)

That the flower was more convex, then for a leaf this is the form of a shamrock, on which the flower itself is sewn on top.

It is desirable in this wreath to embody florets of different shapes and sizes, then the wreath will be more interesting.

I propose to study the template for triple leaves, which is very easily knitted as follows:

Further the words of the handyman with the Hugo translation: Chain 4, join the slip stitch in the ring.

Network 2, then work 2DC per ring.

Network 4, then since the second circuit from the work hook 1dc, 2TR, 1dc. Sl-th in the same line as the last direct current to the end of a little sheet form.

* Work 3dc in the ring

Network 4, then since the second circuit from the work hook 1dc, 2TR, 1dc. Sl-th in the same line as the last direct current to the end of a little sheet form *

Repeat between ** once again until three small leaf forms were made. Sl-th at the top of the initial ch2 close. Lock away.

It is advisable to first lay out a composition of flowers that will suit you with your appearance and only then transfer it to a wreath, fastening to it first each flower with pins, and then sequentially sew each flower to the knitted base.

Pins fastened with pins :) In order to make sure the placement is correct, you need to move away from the composition laid out on the base and look from afar to the result. if it suits you, then just start sewing each element.

Pins are so beautiful with their mother-of-pearl colors that the craftsman decided to leave in some cores stuck pins, which additionally decorated the wreath and gave it charm.

voila! The whole colorful wreath that can decorate the house for Easter is ready! It seems to me that such a wreath is timeless :) It can be left in the decoration of the house all the year round, it is painfully good this minke :))

I hope you like this multicolor, especially at this time, when we all so lack summer colors :))

As you can see, all this multicolored, consisting of thirty-seven components laconically gathered in one product and combine in themselves:

2 double roses

9 single roses

12 single leaves

4 small tiny flowers

4 shamrocks

6 Micro flowers

Such a wreath took an honorable place in the room to decorate with its summer colors a monophonic wall and the entire interior of the room.

on materials of a / weblog / 2012/05 / may-rose-wreath-ta-dah.html

If you do not know how to knit flowers, then for this project you must learn how to knit them :)

Let's look at how to knit some of them.

We knit a chain of 26 loops

We pass the second hook with a crochet. in the end you will get 25 loops.

we begin to bind the petals. From one loop, 7 columns with a crochet are loosened.

Similarly, we knit the petals along the entire length. But as we move towards the outer edge, we knit the petals with a smaller size.

 Work 5 TP in the next loop, SL-th in the next loop * (2 large petals are made)

Repeat between ** 3 times until you have 5 large petals (as mentioned above)

Work 5 HTR here in the next loop, SL-th into the next loop * (1st middle petal made)

Repeat between ** 3 times, until you have 4 middle petals.

* Work 5, DC in the next loop, SL-th into the next loop (1st petal small made)

Repeat between ** two times more until you have 3 small petals.

Fasten, leaving 20 cm of the tail end to stitch up.

As a result, you will get 12 petals (5 large, 4 medium and 3 small). Collect this flower starting from the outer edge with small petals.

as shown in the picture.

We sew all the petals with a spiral.

that's the way it looks :)

similarly we knit a few more flowers.

It's time to start the leaves of green yarn.

we knit a chain of 8 loops.

We start knitting 2 rows, which in the middle has several columns with a crochet, due to which the shape acquires a roundness.

the first series-direct current, HTR, TR, 2TR, in TR, HTR,

How to make a little sharp end, thus, chain 2, and then insert the hook through the 1st chain (see where I put the needle in the photo above). Work on the slip stitch by pulling the thread through the chain, then through the line on the hook.

Let's start knitting the second side of the sheet. 

DC, HTR, TR, 2TR, in TR, HTR, DC.

We leave a long tail at the thread, which is then used for sewing.

but the assembly of the composition :)

We knit like flowers of different sizes. yarn can be used and melange.

depending on the size of the flower, the size of the hook also changes.

Well, what do you not brooch? :))

These flowers are so beautiful that it is quite possible to form a wreath from them :))

Experiment and earn a hand, then in time you can knit almost with your eyes closed :)) And your masterpieces will decorate both the wardrobe and the interior. And for today the knitting is a very fashionable solution for the design design :)

I will remind you of the master class of this talented craftswoman who shares her skills :)

Thank you for your attention :))

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