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❄ Congratulations to all a Happy New Year. 
I wish you health, happiness, success in your work. 

👉🏾Today I want to tell you how to tie a double beanie hat with a rubber band and a harness on the bottom of the hat. 

We will need: 150 gram yarn and circular needles of the recommended number. 

1- Be sure to knit a sample with a pattern '' harness ". And it is for this place to make calculations for the girth of the head. 

2- On the circular needles to collect the required number of loops, close into a circle and knit 15-16 cm in height with an elastic band 2" 2 

3 - Knit a pattern of harnesses - 2 report according to the scheme. 

4- Continue knitting with an elastic band 2 "2. 

5- To determine the desired length, it is necessary: 
OG / 3 + 2 and add 13 cm to this number. 
13 cm is a pad. 

6- If you want to knit a hat with a typo, then knit it again before cuts 2 cm elastic band. Cap will look taller.

7- Finish as follows: 

1 row - knit purl 2 together 
2 row 2 - according to figure 
3 row - knit facial 2 together 
4 row - according to figure 
5 row - according to figure 
6 row - according to figure 
7 row - knit all loops of 2 
8 row together - according to the figure. 
Loops pull off the thread, tie a knot

Source : https://vk.com/kurs_vyagusama

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