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Sizes Russian: 44/46 (48/50) 52/54 

You will need: 200 (250) 250 g of beige, as well as 100 (150) 150 g of denim and brown Denim yarn (88% cotton, 12% polyamide; 125 m / 50 g) Lana Grossa; Knitting needles number 4.5 and 5; circular needles number 4,5; hook number 4. 

Knitting technique. 
Eraser (even number of loops): alternately knit 1 face, 1 purl between edge ones. 
The front smooth surface: front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops. 

Openwork pattern: the number of loops is a multiple of 7 + 2 chrome. Knit under the scheme, which are given the front and purl rows. Start with 1 edge, repeat constantly, repeat 1 edge. Constantly repeat 1st to 4th rows. 

The sequence of strips: 4 rows * denim, brown and beige thread, from * constantly repeat. 

Knitting density
Openwork pattern: 17.5 p. And 26 p. = 10 x 10 cm; 
The front surface: 19 p. And 27.5 p. = 10 x 10 cm. 


Back: denim thread for knitting needles No. 4.5, dial 86 (92) 100 loops and tie 1 cm = 3 rows for a strap with a rubber band, starting from 1 purl row. Continue work on the needles No. 5 with an openwork pattern according to the sequence of strips, while in the 1st row add 0 (1) 0 item = 86 (93) 100 item. After 43 cm = 112 rows from the plank, continue working with a beige thread on the face. After 8.5 cm = 24 rows (6.5 cm = 18 rows) 4.5 cm = 12 rows from the change of the pattern, close for the armholes on both sides 1 x 3 paragraphs, then close 2 x 2 in each 2nd row p. and 2 x 1 p. = 68 (75) 82 p. After 26 cm = 72 rows from the pattern change, close the neck for the average 20 (23) 26 p. and finish both sides separately. For rounding along the inner edge, close in the next 2 nd row 1 x 3 n. After 27.5 cm = 76 rows from the pattern change, close the remaining 25 (23) 25 n. Shoulders.

Before: knit like a back, but for cutting the neck through 4.5 cm = 12 rows from changing the pattern for the 1st and 3rd sizes, divide the work in the middle, close the middle loop and 43 for the 2nd size (46 ) 50 loops respectively finish separately. For the left half of the front knit as follows: chrome., 37 (40) 44 p. Front smooth, then for the strap tie 4 p. With an elastic band (= 1 wrong, 1 front, 1 wrong, 1 front), chrome. At the same time, in the 1st row from the division of work, perform a hole for threading the cord as follows: knit the front stitch to the last loop in front of the bar, then knit this loop with the 1st loop of the strap together with the front one tilted to the left (= 1 loop to remove as the front loop, 1 face, then stretch it through the removed loop), 1 nakid. In the next purl row, knit a nakid of the face and re-insert it into the gum. Run this hole 3 more times with an interval of 8 rows. After 16.5 cm = 46 rows from the pattern change, close for the neck on the left edge 1 x 6 (7) 9 p., Then in every 2nd row 4 x 1 p. And in every 4th row 3 x 1 p. . The remaining 21 (23) 25 p. Shoulders close at the height of the backrest. Then finish the right half of the front in mirror image, while knitting the last strap loop with the 1st loop of the front surface together with the front one for the holes for the cord.

Sleeves: wear a denim thread with the needles No. 4.5 for each sleeve with 50 (56) 62 loops and tie the bar, as on the back, while evenly distributing in the last row, add 1 (2) 3 items = 51 (58 ) 65 p. Continue work on the needles No. 5 with an openwork pattern according to the sequence of strips. At the same time add for bevel sleeves on both sides in each 10th row from the slat 7 x 1 paragraph according to the pattern = 65 (72) 79 paragraph. After 32.5 cm = 84 rows from the slat close for dummy sleeves on both sides 1 x 4 p., Then in each 2nd row close 1 x 3 p., 5 x 2 p., 1 x 3 p. And 2 x 4 p. After 40 cm = 104 rows from the bar close the remaining 9 (16) 23 P.

Assembly: perform shoulder seams. For a strap with a beige thread, draw a loop on the circular needles along the edge of the neckline 79 (85) 91 and tie 3 rows with an elastic band, at the same time, start and finish 1 face between edges. Then close all the loops on the picture. Sew the sleeves, complete the side seams and the seams of the sleeves. For a cord with a denim thread, perform a chain of vozd. n. about 90 cm long. Thread the cord crosswise through the cut holes

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