Openwork tunic of medium length free pattern

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DIMENSIONS 42/44 (48/50) (54/56) 

YOU NEED yarns (70% mohair, 30% silk; 210 m / z 50) - 100 (125) 150 g of beige gray; Knitting needles number 4; 2 pairs of circular needles No. 3. 

When knitting in rows in the forward and reverse directions = front rows - front loops, purl rows - back loops; 
when knitting in a circle = in all rows only face loops. 

Openwork pattern 
Number of loops is a multiple of 18 + 1 + 2 chrome. 

Knit according to the above scheme. On it are given only the front rows. In the purl rows of the loop knit on the pattern, nakida - purl.

In width start with chrome., Repeat rapport, finish loop after rapport and chrome. In height, repeat from the 1st to the 16th rows. 

Openwork tunic of medium length 

20 p. X 25 p. = 10 x 10 cm 


On the needles number 4 dial 111 (129) 147 p. And knit openwork pattern. 

After 64 cm from the dial, close on both sides for the armholes 1 time 6 (8) 8 points and 10 times 1 point. 

The remaining 79 (93) 111 points. Close in one row at a height of 24 (25.5) 27 cm from the start of the armhole. 

Knit, like a back, but with a deep neck. To do this, after 4 (5.5) 7 cm from the start of the armhole, close the middle 33 points and finish both sides separately.

Knit straight until the length of the front reaches the length of the back, and close the remaining 23 (30) 39 points in the same row. 

The second side finish symmetrically. 

Make shoulder seams and side seams, while in the latter leave the lower sections 30 cm long, left open for the cuts. 

On the edge of the neckline, dial the circular needles No. 3 on the outer side of the product with 150 p. And knit in a circle for the bei 2 cm with the face of the stitch. 

On the second circular knitting needles No. 3, dial from the inside of the product also 150 p. And knit in a circle 2 cm with the front satin stitch. Then knit the loops with both needles from the outside of the product together in pairs and close at the same time. 

Plan the armholes as described for the neckline, but for this, dial 125 (133) 141 loops around the edge of each arm.

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