Gray white jacquard sweater free pattern

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36/38 (40 / 42–44 / 46–48) 


Yarn (57% viscose, 35% ovine wool, 8% polyamide; 150 m / 50 g) - 250 (300 350-400) g melange gray and 100 g melange natural white; Knitting needles number 6 and 7; Circular knitting needles No. 6 with a length of 40 cm. 



OF GUMBACK Sequentially 1 lithium, 1 seamy. 


INTAPSY Knit by counting circuit. The width of the loop is determined by the description in the instructions. At the height of 1, tie up from the 1st to the 128th series. 



On needles No. 6 melange with a natural thread, pick 10 p., Melange gray thread 74 (80-88-98) p. And melange white string 10 p. = 94 (100-108-118) p. For each color color unit, use it. . When the color changes, cross the threads with each other in each row so that holes do not appear. 

For the lower strap knit 4.5 cm = 11 p. rubber band 

Further, on knitting needles No. 7, knit with the front satin stitch, changing the color of the thread in the same sequence. 

36.5 cm = 88 p. from the bottom sheet close from the sides to the arm for 10 p. = 74 (80-88-98) p.  

Next, knit only with a melange gray thread and after 17 (19-21-23) cm = 40 (46-50-56) R. from the beginning of the armhole, leave the middle 18 points of the neck on the auxiliary spokes and finish off the left side of the detail. 

To round the neckline, close each of the 2nd p. on the inner edge 1 time 2 p. and 1 time 1 p.  

Through 2 cm = 4 p. from the beginning of the incision, close 25 (28-32-37) p. 

The second part is to finish symmetrically. 


with Melangeva thread with needles No. 6 dial 74 (80-88-98) section and for the lower plank knit 4.5 cm = 11 p. gum. 

More knitting needles number 7 persons. stripe, distributing the petitions in the following way: chrome., 10 (13-17-22) p. melange gray, 57 p. of the intrusion pattern, 5 (8-12-17) p. melange sulfur, 

After 48.5 (50.5-52.5-54.5) cm = 116 (122-126-130) p. From the bottom of the plank, leave on the auxiliary spoke the middle 8 section of the neck and start to end the left side. 

To curb the edge of the mouth, close in each 2nd p. on the inside edge 1 times 3 points, 1 time 2 points and 3 times 1 point.  

After 7 cm = 16 p. from the beginning of the notch to close the remaining 25 (28-32-37) n. shoulders. The second side of the items finish symmetrically. 


On knitting needles No. 6, gather melangeous with thread 42 (46-50-50) section and for the lower plank knit 4.5 cm = 11 p. rubber band. 

Further knit on the needles No. 7 with the front face, changing the color of the thread in the specified sequencing. 

For ssosov c both sides in 13 (11-9-7 m) p. From the plank, add 1 time to 1 p., then in each 14th p. 4 times and in each 10th p. 3 times (in each 10th pp. 7 times and in the next 8th pp. 1 raz - in each 8th pp. 9 times and in the next 6 pp. 1 raz - in each 6th p. 12 times and in the next 4th p. 1 time) for 1 p. = 58 (64-72-78) p. 

Through 42.5 (40.5-38.5-35.5) cm = 102 (98-92-86) p. from the strap close from both sides for okata 1 time by 6 p. and in each 2 p. 3 times at 6 p.  

Cherez 4.5 cm = 10 p. from the beginning of the datum, close the remaining 10 (16-24-30) p. 


Make seam stitches. Between the loops on the auxiliary knitting needles, hinged on the front and back on the circular knitting needles No. 6, type a melange gray thread on the curvature of the cutout according to 20 sec. = 66 sec. And knit 16 cm = 38 circles. individuals. satin stitch. Hinges free to close. The collar should be folded in the back side of the inside of the door and sewn. Inserts on the back, made with a natural-white thread, fold along in half, turning to the front, and sew to the front. Sew the sleeves. Run the seams of the sleeves. 

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